There are exactly specific Bali places of interest that you need to visit. Bali island is quite spacious, and each of the districts has several attractions. Moreover, if you’re an adventurous person, exploring the “virgin” area would be your thing. However, there are some mandatory Bali places of interest that you need to visit, even though you want to get brand new attractions.

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What are they? Here are the lists of mandatory places that you must visit:

  1. KUTA

    Kuta is the very first place to visit whenever you’re in Bali. Besides the area is near the international airport, there are countless things to do in Bali Kuta. Then, let’s start with something easy and mainstream in this area. The most famous place to visit in Bali Kuta is Kuta Beach. Tourists come and go to this coastline because of its beautiful scenery. Moreover, this beach is a free-admission beach! Besides the free pass, Kuta Beach famous for its dope sunset attraction. The sun will create amazing scenery when reaching the tip of the horizon.

    Bali Airport; Kuta Beach
    Kuta Beach by @eatsingtravel

    Kuta Beach is famous for surfers as well. The waves are suitable for surfing even if you’re just about to start learning it. Then, many surfing schools like Odyssey Surfing School will help you to learn it. After mesmerizing the sunset show and learning surfing, walking around at the Beackwalk Shopping Center which is just right in front of the beach gate. However, if you want something more “local”, visiting Kuta Art Market would leave a unique experience for sure.

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    Where is the capital city of Bali? Denpasar is the necessary region in Bali. Most of the government offices and many vital buildings take place in this area. However, this place is as worth as any other places in Bali, if you want to explore it more. Let’s take the kids to the safari world at Bali Safari and Marine Park. You’ll get to witness many wild animals here, from the land till the water creatures. Moreover, this place offers several interesting packages for kids and family. 

    Places to See in Bali; Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park
    Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park by @jessoooshea

    Curious about the history of Bali or Indonesia? Denpasar provides a museum for historical thing enthusiasts. You’ll get to know about the story behind Bali nowadays at Braja Sandhi Monument. Even though you don’t understand Indonesian, there are some brief explanations in English. If the museum won’t satisfy you, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park will shut it all. For your information, this cultural park has the tallest statue in Indonesia! This is not just an ordinary statue, but a majestic giant Vishu and Garuda statue! Besides the main spotlight, GWK has several attractions like dancing performance and restaurant.

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    The next Bali places of interest is Seminyak. The location isn’t far from Kuta, so you can quickly reach the place. Seminyak is like an exclusive area in Bali, where you can find such a tranquil vibe. Many things to do in Bali Seminyak are waiting on queue and ready to satisfy you. Moreover, you might wonder where would you find sunset scenery like in Kuta, yet fewer crowds. Seminyak Beach has similar characteristics with Kuta Beach, since they share the same coastline. However, you’ll get a more serene atmosphere here.

    Beaches in Bali; Seminyak Beach
    Seminyak Beach by @afellyfa25

    Are you a wannabe Sherlock Holmes? Then try out to solve some cases at Totem Room Escape Challenge Bali. There are several levels of the tasks that you need to solve. Give your best-solving skill here and escape from the trap! Furthermore, children have their own level. So they can try to be a detective here and escape from the task.

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    Places to See in Bali; La Laguna Bali
    La Laguna Bali by @lalagunabali

    Canggu is the happening place in Bali. People call this area as the most hipster place in the land. Not to boast it, because you can practically find any trendy thing here! For millennials or influencers, better for you to spend your holiday here, since Canggu gets many Instagramable places that will suit for your content. Let’s count it one by one people. Love Anchor is the hippest market ever. You can find anything that you need like bohemian necklaces, unique rings, pretty clothes and tote bags, even cute utensils! Besides the market, Canggu has countless cafes, restaurants, and bars. Among those dining places, La Laguna is a must-visited restaurant in the house. The restaurant has mouth-watering menus, as well as a natural attraction! Sunset scenery from La Laguna is quite dramatic, especially when you watch it from the wooden bridge.  

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    What to See in Bali; Jimbaran Seafood
    Jimbaran Seafood by @lina.germanyblog

    Get your fresh seafood dishes at one of Bali places of interest, Jimbaran. Even though you can get the dishes at any places in Bali, you’ll get such different taste when you have it at Jimbaran. This place has the famous fish market in the land, Kedonganan Fish Market. The local fishermen drop their fish every day, that’s why all the restaurants in Jimbaran always get their fresh ingredients. Jimbaran Bay is a famous location where many restaurants lining up from edge to edge. Find your favorite dining place, then enjoy your seafood cuisine in front of the coastline.

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  6. SANUR

    You might get the best experience in Bali when you’re in Sanur. How could we get it? Fist of all, Sanur has a long coastline namely Sanur Beach. This beach is kinda similar to any other coastline in Bali. It has wide clean sandy carpet, with clear turquoise seawater. However, sunset isn’t the attraction that you’ll witness here. Locals call this coast as Sunrise Beach. The attraction is pretty amazing, since you’ll see the sun pops up at the horizon. Moreover, there is an annual kite festival in Sanur Beach.

    Places to See in Bali; Taman Festival Sanur
    Taman Festival Sanur by @benita_corazon

    Wanna try urban traveling? Sanur has an abandoned amusement park called Taman Festival. The place isn’t that terrifying in the daylight. However, it will quite thrilling after the dark! If you’re a scaredy-cat, bare with the sunlight and visit Taman Festival in the noon would be much safer. Interesting isn’t? You might not get these attractions in any other places!

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    Places to See in Bali; Water Blow
    Water Blow by @growingwiththetans

    Traveling with the family will make your bond be stronger. The best Bali places of interest for the family would be Nusa Dua. You can take your youngers to the Devdan Show. What would they get here? Brief information about Indonesian culture, not just Bali, but the whole of Indonesia! The information is somehow delivered as informative as possible, combine with dance performance and modern touch. Then you can watch the great Water Blow at Nusa Dua. This place is well-known with the waves attraction that splashing through the cliff. However, you should be more careful here, because you won’t meet any lifeguard.

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    Beaches in Bali; Kelingking Beach
    Kelingking Beach by @theworldpursuit

    Where is the best of Bali? That depends on your preferences. Each person has his own style, that’s why you’ll find numerous kind of attractions in Bali. But everyone would agree with the natural beauty of Nusa Penida. This place is an island under the Bali government. When you come to Nusa Penida, you might want to stay longer than your plan. Then what are the Bali places of interest in Nusa Penida? Kelingking Beach is the most famous one. A T-Rex-shaped cliff has jaw-dropping scenery, and taking a photo with this background will worth to put at Instagram. Don’t forget to take a brief stopover at a unique waterfall, Peguyangan Waterfall.

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    Water Sports in Bali; Flyboard
    Flyboard by @crist__ibarra

    Watersports in Tanjung Benoa will wake up your adrenaline. For years Tanjung Benoa has served the best watersport from the light till the extreme ride. Moreover, if you want to get the ultimate pleasure you should try some of the watersports here. The easiest one would be Banana Boat or Flying Fish. These two rides won’t take you to some risky movement. Moreover, you’ll get some safety equipment like a helmet and life jacket. Wanna try something more challenging? You should try Flyboard! You’ll get to fly up high with a unique ride. Or you can speed up on top of the jet ski.

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  10. UBUD

    For nature and culture enthusiast, don’t forget to put Ubud as your Bali places of interest bucket lists. The famous Tegalalang Rice Terraces is waiting for your visit. The wide range of paddy fields shows a unique landscape. Moreover, this place will turn completely green after the local farmers plant the paddy. While it turns into yellow-green when the harvest season is coming! The mesmerizing scenery of this place has made Elizabeth Gilbert found her peace. Besides rice terraces, the impressing natural attractions will fill up your holiday. 

    What to See in Bali; Tegalalang Rice Terraces
    Tegalalang Rice Terraces by @dianakubasova

    Campuhan Ridge Walk will let you do running accompanied by incredible scenery. Then, witness the Ubud greeneries above the giant swing or visit the spacious rainforest where you can play around with the monkeys. Hunting for Bali waterfalls would be much interesting to do! Moreover, if you want to get a cultural trip, Ubud Palace holds Kecak dance performance every evening. Visiting Pura Tirta Empul will give you both cultural and spiritual trip in one go!

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