Water Sports in Bali, might be one of the most wanted attractions in the Island of Deities, besides the natural attractions. There are many spots of water sports in Bali. You can find them in Nusa Penida, Nusa Dua, or Tanjung Benoa, but the best one lays in Tanjung Benoa. Honestly, in here you can simply get various water sports, from the relaxing one till the adrenaline rushing rides. So, in order to make your decision be easier and more effective, better for you to know more about kinds of water sports in Bali. So, here’s the list of water sports in Bali that you can try.

  1. Flying Fish

    Water Sports in Bali; Flying Fish
    Flying Fish by @tanjungbenoawatersport

    Do you know about flying fish? Well, not a fish that able to jump out the ocean then flying, but an interesting water sport. Flying fish water sport is a wide float that towed by a speed boat, so it can “fly”. This thing fit for two people, plus a guide that will make sure the passengers save and stay still. Where can we find it in Bali? Go ahead to the Tanjung Benoa to try the flying fish. Once you’ve worn the safety jacket, you need to hold tightly on the handle on the left and right side of the float. When the speed boat starts to speed up, the float will slowly rise and “fly”. Enjoy your moment in the air and see lots of interesting things.

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  2. Parasailing

    Water Sports in Bali; Parasailing
    Parasailing by @wenisilviani

    One of the water sports in Bali that always attached the attention is parasailing. Whenever you’re going to the beach, this kind of activity always is the favorite one. If you take this one, you will get to ride a parasite that towed with the speed boat. However, what is the best part of riding parasailing then? Once you wear the parasailing equipment, your unbelievable experience will soon begin. When the speed boat starts to run, you will be flying up high above the ocean! From this point of view, you will be able to witness a wide crystal-clear ocean. Furthermore, some medium until large fishes sometimes pop up from the sea

  3. Banana Boat

    Have you ever seen a post or video about a line of people sitting on the banana-like float, then a speed boat pulls it fast and suddenly drops its passengers off? That thing’s called banana boat people! For your complete amazing watersports journey, the banana boat must be at your list. Since the banana boat is way “safer” than any other rides (it fits up to 4 people as well), you need to line up in order to ride it! Banana Boat, is simply the must ride water sports in Bali, so no wonder many visitors want to, at least once, ride this thing.

    Water Sports in Bali; Banana Boat
    Banana Boat by @tanjungbenoawatersport

    If you’re interested with Banana Boat, you can ride it together with your group (maximum 4 persons). Or, if you’re a single traveler, you can try to expand your link by joining with other tourists. You will be towed with the speed boat, then at a certain moment, the boat will quickly drift. This moment is the best moment of riding the banana boat! If you’re not strong enough to hold on the rope, you’ll surely fall into the sea. Even though you can handle the sudden movement of the boat, the skipper will never let you stay still in the banana. Just wait for another “attack” and feel the water slapping your body.

  4. Rolling Donut

    Water Sports in Bali; Rolling Donut
    Rolling Donut by @chheeeaaaa

    The next water sports in Bali is kind of similar to the banana boat. However, this thing lets its passengers sit more comfortably. Rolling donut or tube ride can fit for two up to four persons. You’ll sit on the float hole and grab the handle. The skipper will try to flip down the “donut’ by speeding up and drifting around! So, is it dangerous if you’re falling into the water? Rest assured because you’re equipped with the safety jacket and the coast guards are ready to help you.

  5. Snorkeling

    If you have a trip to the tropical place where it has a jaw-dropping coastline, do not never ever forget to explore the underwater view. The beachfront scenery might be breathtaking. With the reddish sunset show and cold ocean breeze, you can relax while watching these attractions. On the other hand, right above the ocean floor, there are bunches of excitements wait for your visit. There are three kinds of underwater activities that you can try in Bali.

    Water Sports in Bali; Snorkeling
    Snorkeling by @deepbluespirits

    The easiest one is the snorkeling. As one of the most favorite water sports in Bali, snorkeling activity always full of the queue. So, better for you to wake up earlier in order to try this activity. There are some snorkeling spots in Bali that you can try; Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Penida, Nusa Dua, and Menjangan Island. Each of the spots has their own charm, however, they still offer the best underwater view that you cannot forget.

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  6. Sea Walker

    Water Sports in Bali; Sea Walker
    Sea Walker by @kidungparamadita

    Walking under the water might be an impossible thing ages ago. However, through the newest technology, walking under the sea even walking in the moon is not impossible any more! So, if you’re curious about the underwater life, you can choose one of the amazing water sports in Bali, Sea Walker. This has an astronaut-like helmet, that connected with a long air pipe.

    Wear your most favorite and comfortable swimsuit, put the designed helmet and explore the underwater world! Walk slowly at the ocean floor, and meet tons of sea creatures! Moreover, the best thing if you choose this water sport is, you can interact and touch the corals, fish and any underwater things with your bare hands!

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  7. Scuba Diving

    Water Sports in Bali; Scuba Diving
    Scuba Diving by @freedivenusa

    The last but not the least underwater activity, that you can choose from water sports in Bali is Scuba Diving. This activity is not suitable for the amateur, because you need to dive down much deeper than snorkeling or sea walking. In addition, you must wear some kinds of diving stuff when you are about to dive. Since scuba diving takes place in a deeper ocean, the scenery will be a bit different from the previous activities. You might witness more various sea creatures through diving, as well as experience way more thrilling things!

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  8. Glass Bottom Boat

    If snorkeling, sea walking or scuba diving is a bit burdensome yet you still want to see the sea creatures, you can pick the glass bottom boat. The best place to get this service is at Tanjung Benoa. There are some special boats that will let their passengers see the underwater panorama. The bottom of the boat has modified with thick glass, so the visitors are able to see the situation under the sea.

    Water Sports in Bali; Glass Bottom Boat
    Glass Bottom Boat by @familycrazies

    The scenery that you get maybe depend on sea condition. If the water is clear enough, you can find something interesting. On the other hand, you might just get nothing if the water is murky. So, just hoping you will get the best luck when taking this ride. Well, this ride might not be as thrilling as the others, but still, you can witness some cute fish without getting wet! More than just worth it, isn’t?

  9. Water Ski

    Water Sports in Bali; Water Ski
    Water Ski by @littlegermany

    Are you looking for way more thrilling activity? You can practically find way more exciting things in the water than in the land (but make sure you’re not afraid of water or ocean). If in the land you can find ski, off-road, racing and any kinds of stuff, you can do these things in the water as well, even more! So, let’s call out every ski enthusiast out. In Bali, you will not find any single snow, but still, you can do the ski here. You can find various kinds of water sports equipment from a distance. Ask the people that you want the water ski one, then they will prepare everything for you.

  10. Jet Ski

    How about speeding up and having a race in the water? One of the water sports in Bali, Jet Ski, will bring you into a unique yet amusing race in the water! Pump your adrenaline by speeding up and catching up your rival on the water race. You can find this kind of water sports in Bali, especially in Tanjung Benoa or Nusa Penida. If you have decided to take this ride, before starting your adrenaline rush activity, you need to do some stretching and briefing.

    Water Sports in Bali; Jet Ski
    Jet Ski by @brp_kuwait

    The instructor will give you some basic technique on how to ride the jet ski, up to the safety things. Besides the briefing, you need to wear the safety jacket as well before hopping on your vehicle. When everything is done, let’s race! Enjoy the ocean breeze when you’re speeding up, and feel the splash when you’re drifting on the open ocean!

  11. Flyboard

    Have you ever imagined being an iron man? Flying around freely by your own? Well, let your dream comes true in Bali people. Tanjung Benoa has a new water sport that let you “flying” freely just like an iron man. So, what is this amazing water sport? People call it as flyboard which is the great technology was invented by Franky Zapata in 2012. The flyboard designed so the user can fly up high and stay still on there. With the power of water pressure, the user can be pushed up and if he/she is a professional, he/she can do some acrobatic movement with the flyboard.

    Water Sports in Bali; Flyboard
    Flyboard by @crist__ibarra

    Furthermore, since the tourists that come to try the flyboard in Tanjung Benoa mostly newbie, the instructor will come along with them. He will stick behind you when you’re about to start the engine. The best thing is he will show you some amazing tumbling skill (with the flyboard of course)! Your safety is guaranteed, so just rest assure and enjoy your bird eyes view!

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  12. Wakeboarding

    Water Sports in Bali; Wakeboard
    Wakeboard by @t.santrucek

    Wakeboarding is similar to water ski, but the difference is you’ll use a single board. This kind of board is like a skateboard but without the wheels. In order to speed up and moving around, you’ll be pulled by the speed boat. It might be a bit difficult for the beginner to just stand up on the board, but the practice surely makes you better. So, keep trying till you can stand still and keep your balance guys. For the experts, try to impress the other tourist with your amazing skill! Move your board freely and skillfully, then get your applause!

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  13. Surfing

    Water Sports in Bali; Surfing
    Surfing by @tbhphoto

    How about challenging the waves? Every beach in Bali is suitable for surfing activity, so practically you can go to any beach in this land. On the other hand, each of the beaches has its own color. For a beginner, better for you to just go straight to Kuta Beach or Seminyak Beach. Both of the beaches have calmer waves, so you can control the board easily.

    Moreover, you can find some of the surf school like Odyssey Surfing School, to improve your surfing skill. Then for the experts, try to conquer the next level waves in Batu Bolong Beach. The waves here are way wilder and more challenging, so if you call yourself a skillful surfer, prove your talent through the waves in Batu Bolong Beach.

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  14. Kayaking

    Water Sports in Bali; Kayaking
    Kayaking by @astevens613

    Does anyone like to soar? If you book a cruise service like Bali Hai cruise, you can take the kayaking activity. You do not need to bring your own kayak boat, peddle or anything because all the equipment is included in the cruise service. Get closer with the turquoise ocean and enjoy your soaring time with the premium service from the cruise. Besides the kayaking activity, you’ll get more interesting activity on the cruise, like village visit until a romantic dinner!

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  15. Rafting

    Do we usually do water sports in the open ocean? Definitely no. Whenever you find a bunch of water, you can do it! So, let’s explore more about water sports in Bali, which are not ocean related water sports. We will drive to the longest river in the land, where we will find an adrenaline rushing activity, Ayung River. The thing that we’re going to face is the challenge of Ayung River’s stream. Yep! We are going to have rafting people! This activity is not only suitable for adults but also children (under the instructor’s supervision of course).

    Water Sports in Bali; Rafting
    Rafting by @alwaysadventuringalyssa

    Before hopping on the boat, the instructor will give you some important information related to the rafting activity. Please pay attention to this session because every safety thing is important. Then you have to wear some safety equipment like safety jacket and helmet. Done with the preparation, it’s time to challenge nature! Enjoy the thrilling sensation when the stream pushes your boat hardly, and clear your throat while screaming out along the rafting!

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  16. Cliff Diving

    The last water sports in Bali that you can try is cliff diving. But for this activity, make sure that you’re a professional and have enough bravery to try it. In Bali, this kind of activity done in the waterfall cliffs. Cliff diving in the waterfall might be way more safety than in the open ocean. So, if you want to try this heart-pumping activity, you can drive to some waterfalls like Aling Aling Waterfall. This cascade is not only famous for its breath-taking scenery, but also as the place where you can challenge yourself.

    Water Sports in Bali; Cliff Diving
    Cliff Diving by @ourbackpackjournal

    The cliff is just right before the waterfall, so before jumping down to the river, please your sight with the marvelous view of Aling Aling Waterfall. Feel your heart just drop to your feet when you start jumping down to the stream! Then, the fresh cold water will welcome you, along with the creatures inside it. (Ty)

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