Markets in Bali might be the last place to be visited. However, you will get tons of exciting experiences if you decide to explore more about markets in this Island of Deities. There are many kinds of markets in Bali that worth to visit.

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Anyhow to make sure you have a pleasant market tour, here’s a list of markets in Bali that will give you an amazing experience.

  1. The Best Place to Grab Artworks in the Town, Ubud Market

    Markets in Bali; Ubud Market
    Ubud Market by @zandaleec

    Whenever the tourists want to buy artworks, the will just head to the best art markets in Bali, Ubud Market. Lays at the heart of Balinese Culture, no wonder if Ubud Market will surely satisfy your art desire. Apparently, you can find any kind of artworks in here with the affordable offers as well. However, you need to do the bargain to get that “affordable” price. Sometimes some of the sellers are rising up their prices. So, if you suspicious and feel like the price is kind of strange, just bargain it. Furthermore, you can find some stalls sell beverages and snacks inside Ubud Market.

    Address: Jalan Raya Ubud No 35, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

    Opening Hours: Open daily at 6am until 6pm

  2. Love Anchor for Every Hipster Enthusiast

    Wanna feel the bohemian vibe in Bali? Then you need to take a visit to the hype market, Love Anchor. This market is way different than any market that you can find in Bali. Secluded behind the luxury vibe of Canggu, Love Anchor looks like an ordinary market in the daylight. With the medium sign of “LOVE ANCHOR” at the main gate, the first timer might not be interested with this place. However, the highlight point of this market happens every Sunday.

    Markets in Bali; Love Anchor
    Love Anchor by @tatishots

    What will we get here? A unique place to shop as well as place to take tons of instagramable photos! When the Sunday comes, this place turns into the limelight. With the calming light from the lamps, Love Anchor is the best place for photography fans. Take a dramatic picture with your partner at the entrance gate, or at some spots inside the market. Besides taking photos, you can buy many different stuffs like accessories, clothes even unique decorations.

    Address: Pantai Batu Bolong No 56, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351

    Opening hours: Open daily at 9am until 11pm

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  3. Pasar Pasaran by Toko Pasar Pasaran

    Markets in Bali; Pasar Pasaran
    Pasar Pasaran by @pasarpasaran

    Besides Love Anchor, you can simply find the rest hipster markets in Bali. The next interesting market that you must visit is Pasar Pasaran. In Indonesia, Pasar Pasaran means playing grocery market, however, you will not play anything here! You can say that this place is the most hype market in Bali. You can find many kinds of stalls that come from all over Indonesia! You can find many hipster stuffs in here, moreover dozens of recycled and eco-friendly products! Some of the stalls sell various homemade products and most of them are made by recycled and eco-friendly materials. Pasar Pasaran by Toko Pasar Pasaran holds twice a year, so better for you to check at their schedule.

    Address Jalan Kayu Cendana, Seminyak, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

    Opening Hours: The market holds twice a year, and you need to look at their Instagram page for the schedule. However, there is a mini showroom that opens daily from 9am to 9pm.

  4. All Hail Surfing at the Hyping Market, Old Man’s Market

    Markets in Bali; Old Man's Market
    Old Man’s Market by @cherryperry84

    Surf stuffs always be the favorite things for beach enthusiasts. Otherwise, where will you get surfing and beach-theme stuffs yet affordable in Bali? While you are the hipster area, Canggu, you can go directly to Old Man’s Market. In here you can spot many interesting stuffs like decorations, pretty clothes, jewelry, even tattoo artists! If you are afraid of needles but longing to have a tattoo, the tattoo artists here will grant your wish. Mostly the artists here are henna artists, which mean they do not use any tattoo needle! So, get your favorite pattern and get your save (yet temporary) tattoo in Old Man’s Market.

    Address: Jalan Batu Bolong, Canggu, Bali

    Opening hours: On selected weekends (once a month) from 8am to 3pm

  5. Badung Market, The Largest Market in The Land

    Markets in Bali; Badung Market
    Badung Market by @adnanyudhapermana

    Some of you might be wondering where is the biggest yet the most affordable market in Bali. Actually, each of residence in Bali has its own trademark market, but Badung Market might be the most well-known one. Not only be the most famous market in Bali, but also the largest and biggest traditional market in the house. Whenever you come to visit Badung Market, this market seems never rest. Just like a honey bee house, the crowds always come and go in this market. You can get whatever you need, from daily needs until electronic devices. Once again, if you’re going to the traditional market ask for the price before buying something. If the offers are higher than they used to, bargain it until you get the best offer.

    Address: Jalan Sulawesi No 1, Dauh Puri Kangin, Denpasar Baru, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80233

    Opening hours: This market open 7 days a week and 24 hours per day!

  6. This is Where Your Fresh Seafood Come From, Kedonganan Fish Market

    No need to doubt about Seminyak’s seafood dishes. Almost all the beachfront restaurants serve their own seafood signature dishes. Somehow, have you ever imagined where they buy the main ingredients? All the fresh kinds of seafood come from the famous Kedonganan Fish Market. If you are looking for fresh seafood, then you need to come to Kedonganan Fish market earlier in the morning. At this time, you will get to see the fishermen unloading their fish, and most of them are still alive!

    Markets in Bali; Kedonganan Fish Market
    Kedonganan Fish Market by @sofyan_way_kanan

    You will get to see the fish jumping and tumbling around. Buying fish, crabs, shrimps even lobsters in Kedongan Fish Market is cheaper compared to any other markets. So, if you are looking for a fresh cheap seafood ingredient, just drop by at Kedongan Fish Market

    Address: Kedonganan, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

    Opening hours: Open daily from 6am to 7pm

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  7. Kuta Art Market

    Markets in Bali; Kuta Art Market
    Kuta Art Market by @brittyloo92

    If you are such a homey person who gets too lazy to go out from your nest, a nearby market would be your best choice. Kuta is such a bustling area where you can find almost everything that you want. Wanna see the dramatic natural attraction? Kuta Beach will more than happy to show you the majestic sunset show. How if the tourists want to buy some artworks? You do not need to drive just to come to Ubud Market, because Kuta has its own art market. Kuta Art Market is one among dozens of art markets in Bali, where you can buy various artworks. Get your amazing painting, exotic Balinese wooden mask, or pretty handmade fabric in Kuta Art Market, and of course with the reasonable price.

    Address: Jalan Bakung Sari, Kuta

    Opening hours: Open daily from 8am to 10pm

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  8. Grab Your Fresh Fruit in Candi Kuning Market

    Markets in Bali; Candi Kuning Market
    Candi Kuning Market by @bali_gaido.happyandhappy

    When you’re nearby Bedugul, don’t forget to take a visit to Candi Kuning Market, or locals usually call it as Pasar Bedugul. Since the location of Candi Kuning Market is nearby the highland, no wonder you will see colorful fruits and flowers carpet here. There are various fresh flowers as well as fruits here, and you can get it at a reasonable price! Moreover, explore this market and buy some fruits that you might never taste before. Once you buy the fruits, you can enjoy eating them with the jaw-dropping view of Bedugul Lake.

    Address: Jalan Candikuning, Baturiti, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 82191

    Opening hours: Open daily from 6am to 6pm

  9. Bali Buda

    Let’s move to something that will make healthy and eco-friendly product enthusiasts happy. There are some organic and healthy market spread all over the island. However, finding the best among the best will be better isn’t? Bali Buda is the organic lovers’ paradise, where you can find not only organic stuffs, but also homemade daily needs! All of the products here are controlled by the Bali Organic Association. So, rest assured with their “organic” label, because all of them are guaranteed. You can find fresh organic vegetables, fruits, organic meat, chicken, even organic made snack bars and shampoo!

    Markets in Bali; Bali Buda
    Bali Buda by @balibuda

    Sometimes, whenever you buy snacks you cannot eat all of them. When you’re buying snacks in Bali Buda, you can measure your own snacks (peanuts, lentils, or many more). You just need to pay based on your measuring snacks, and you will get a unique recycling shopping bag from Bali Buda!

    Address: Jalan Jembawan 1 No 1, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

    Opening hours: Open daily from 7am to 10pm

  10. Ubud Organic Market

    Markets in Bali; Ubud Organic Market
    Ubud Organic Market by @tomoca_ob

    Another organic market in Bali that has amazing products is Ubud Organic Market. As the most natural spot in Bali, no wonder if you will get to witness several healthy and organic spots in Ubud. You can drop by at dozens of organic and gluten-free restaurants and cafes, or all-in-one service at eco-friendly accommodations. Therefore, we’re not going to discuss restaurants or accommodations. The one that we will visit is the hype organic market, Ubud Organic Market. You can simply find any organic stuffs here, with the best price and service.

    Moreover, the atmosphere in Ubud Organic Market is just like the ordinary traditional market in Bali! The humble and warm local sellers will welcome you, once you enter the venue. And, one more information about this place is all the stuffs are freshly taken from the local organic farmers!

    Address: Jalan Raya Pengosekan, MAS, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

    Opening hours: Open daily from 9am to 2pm

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  11. Avoid the Bustling in Guwang Art Market

    Markets in Bali; Guwang Art Market
    Guwang Art Market by @rukhsanunde18

    Practically you will spot endless art markets in Bali. Moreover, all of them sell various kinds of artworks, so you can choose which works you like the most. Previously we have mentioned two most popular art markets, Ubud Market and Kuta Art Market, let’s we move to another art paradise. Guwang Art Market might not as popular as Ubud or Kuta Art Market, but it isn’t wrong to take a visit here. Compare to those two art markets, this market is rather calmer and fewer crowds. So, if you’re seeking for space this place is the best. How about the artworks? Well, there are some works that you might miss in Guwang Art Market, but overall you can grab common artworks like paintings or pretty fabrics.

    Address: Jalan Raya Guwang No 5, Guwang, Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582

    Opening hours: Open daily from 8am to 7pm

  12. Sanur Sunday Market

    Markets in Bali; Sanur Sunday Market
    Sanur Sunday Market by @banana_kids_boutique

    Even though hipster markets in Bali not as many as Thailand, still you can count on it. Bali gets several hipster markets that will blow your mind, once you visit them. Three of them have mentioned before, and the next one will as hype as the previous. Sanur Sunday Market is the greatest hipster market that you can find in Sanur. Along the street, you will spot many trendy and unique stalls! You can buy lots of beautiful accessories, the newest model of clothes (with the best price), even yummy fresh cheesecake! Just like its name, you can join the crowds every Sunday, but better to come here early to avoid the heat.

    Address: Mercure Resort, Jalan Mertasari Sanur, Bali 80228

    Opening hours: Open every last Sunday of the month from 10am to 6pm

  13. Kereneng Night Market

    Markets in Bali; Kereneng Night Market
    Kereneng Night Market by @cdn_designlove

    Going to night club sometimes might be tiring. The bustling vibe of the night club might not suitable for particular people. so, if you want to spend your night in Bali without music and dancing, night markets could be your cup of tea. Then, drive your car to Kereneng Night Market to know more about the locals’ nightlife. At the daylight, Kereneng Market is just like any other market in Bali. Many visitors come and go to buy their needs, as well as the sellers. However, after the sun goes down, the crowds are not lesser. The market turns into a large food court, where you can find many Balinese and Indonesian cuisines! Try the famous nasi babi guling or ayam betutu in here, and enjoy your night!

    Address: Jalan Kamboja, Denpasar Timur

    Opening hours: Open daily from 6pm to 2am

  14. Samadi Sunday Market at Samadi Bali

    Markets in Bali; Samadi Sunday Market
    Samadi Sunday Market by @boho_surf_canggu

    The last but not the least hipster markets in Bali is Samadi Sunday Market at Samadi Bali. You want a bit exclusive atmosphere, yet still want the market vibe, you can drop by directly to Samadi Bali. Every Sunday morning, this place holds a Sunday market where you can purchase many interesting stuffs. You can buy some local products like handicrafts, jewelry, and snacks! Moreover, if you buy the stuffs here, you are helping the locals mums as well. How could it be possible? Most of the products here are made by the local mothers, who do it for their living.

    Address: Jalan Padang Linjong 39, Echo Beach, Canggu, Bali

    Opening hours: Open every Sunday from 9am to 2pm

  15. Gianyar Night Market

    Markets in Bali; Gianyar Night Market
    Gianyar Night Market by @64degreesnorth

    Another night markets in Bali that you must not miss is Gianyar Night Market. Just like Kereneng Night Market, Gianyar Night Market is a food gem where you can satisfy your hungry tummy. When the dusk starts to pop up, and the night slowly comes, you can start hunting the best dishes here. Explore every inch of Gianyar Night Market before choosing your favorite stall. Once you get your favorite, you can fill your tummy with cheap yet mouth-watering traditional food! However, you must try the most iconic food in Bali, babi guling, as well as the dessert like es dawet or es kelapa muda. (Ty)

    Address: Jalan Ngurah Rai, Gianyar

    Opening hours: Open daily from 5pm to 2am is part of Korina Group

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