The beauty of the sunset in Bali will never die. The golden orange sky blends perfectly with its surrounding, no matter where it is. When you drop by the beaches to see the sunset here, you will get the sun slowly drowning at the horizon. While you are in the mountain, you can clearly see the majestic sunset as if this show is your own. Therefore, are they just two spots where you can enjoy this panorama? Bali has more than enough sunset spots that you can choose! However, where are the best spots of sunset in Bali? Here’s a list for you who are the dusk enthusiast!

  1. Kuta Beach, Must Visit Place with Astounding Sunset Ambiance

    Sunset in Bali; Kuta Beach
    Kuta Beach by @sunseaandmountains

    Kuta Beach is the first place that you must drop by if you want to see the sunset show in Bali. This beach has known all over the world as one of the best sunset spots that you must visit! This is not just a rave, when you visit here you will witness how fabulous the nightfall is. The combination of calming Kuta’s ocean and the scarlet sky will make you amaze. Plus, if you are lucky, you can see some seagulls flying back to their home. This place is indeed the best sunset in Bali isn’t? Pst, one more information, Kuta Beach is a free-pass beach!

  2. Witness the Sun Spills Down at the Sacred Mount Batur

    Sunset in Bali; Mount Batur
    Mount Batur @wanderwithoutlimit

    You are a mount lover, yet you want to watch the sunset attraction just like on the beach? You can enjoy the sunset in Bali almost everywhere. For the up-high view of the dusk, Mount Batur would be the perfect spot for it. This mount is one of the sacred mounts in Bali. Locals usually put their offering in Mount Batur at a certain time. Besides its sanctity, Mount Batur offers various great natural attraction that will fill your holiday.

    Moreover, To watch the sun slips down, you need to trek and reach the particular sunset spot. Better for you to go up a little bit earlier. Maybe around 3 pm would be the best time to start your hiking. You need to trek for approximately 2 hours to reach the spot. Then when you’ve reached it, you can sit and enjoy the majestic natural show at the majestic mount of Bali!

    Mount Batur

    Address: Kabupaten Bangli, Bali

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  3. The Lawn Canggu, Fancy Place to Enjoy Fancy Natural Show

    Sunset in Bali; The Lawn Canggu
    The Lawn Canggu @thelawncanggu

    Wanna get something fancier while enjoying the sunset in Bali? Drive to Canggu and drop by at the most hype beach club in here! The Lawn Canggu will let you witness the show at the best beachfront spot. You can enjoy your drink while the music will bring your imagination up high. When the sun starts to step down, you can complete your extravagant relaxing time! Fabulous beach club, hype music, refreshing drinks, and sunset attraction. Could your holiday be more perfect than it?

    The Lawn Canggu

    Address: Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Bali

    Opening Hours: 11am – Late

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  4. Silent Hill, Bukit Asah

    Sunset in Bali; Bukit Asah
    Bukit Asah @rentalmotorbike.ubud

    The best place to see the sunset show is in a high place. However, not all people are able to hike at the mountain. So, in case you want to see the twilight vibe but do not want to struggle to step up to the mount, Silent Hill Bukit Asah will be your savior. Located in a humble and calm village of Bugbug, Karangasem, you can count the dusk view in this place as one of the best sunset in Bali. Besides the sunset, you can witness the ocean and small island panorama as well.

    Silent Hill, Bukit Asah

    Address: Bugbug Village, Karangasem, Bali

    How to get there: It only takes around 2 hours drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport or Kuta Beach. Or if you are from Candidasa Beach in Karangasem, you just need to drive for approximately 30 minutes, then once you get in Bugbug Village, you need to follow the sign of Bukit Asah.

  5. Uluwatu Temple

    Sunset in Bali; Uluwatu Temple
    Uluwatu Temple @thejesstination

    Another favorite place to see the sunset in Bali is pura or temple. There are a thousand temples spread all over the island. The fascinating thing is, you can spot some small temples and offering places in the forest and roadside. For the great sunset attraction that blends perfectly with the sanctity of pura, you can go to Uluwatu Temple.

    As one of the sea temples in Bali, Uluwatu Temple becomes one of the most favorite and unique tourism places. The temple was built at the 70 meters cliffs that directly facing the ocean. When the sunset starts to slip down, this temple holds a traditional dancing show. You can watch the show that has scarlet sunset as the background of the show!

    Uluwatu Temple

    Address: Pecatu, Kuta Selatan, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

    How to get there: Uluwatu Temple’s location would be approximately an hour driving from Kuta. Better for you to rent a car with a driver since there is no public transportation that will take you to Uluwatu Temple. Do not forget to wear a sarong when you come to Uluwatu temple.

  6. Tanah Lot, Where Painting Becomes Alive

    Sunset in Bali; Tanah Lot
    Tanah Lot @agni_photography

    Sunset in Bali with the majestic Hindu temple will never be disappointing for its enthusiasts. The great harmony of the sun that dips behind the horizon, spreading the fire-like color, and the tough holy temple, will leave a long-lasting memory. Besides Uluwatu, Tanah Lot is the magnificent sunset in Bali spot, where you can see the sunset and temple as well. Here, you will spot a great shadowed Tanah Lot Temple when the sun spills down. The picture that created is just like painting work! Moreover, do not forget to capture it and post it at your favorite social media account.

    Tanah Lot

    Address: Beraban, Kediri, Kabupaten Tabanan, bali 82121

    Opening Hours: 71m-7pm

  7. Pura Lempuyangan Luhur

    Sunset in Bali; Pura Lempuyangan Luhur
    Pura Lempuyangan Luhur @lilyrose

    We have gotten two temples where you can see a combination of water (ocean), land (cliff or temple), and scarlet sky. Let’s move to the next place where you are able to get more combinations! Pura Lempuyangan Luhur offers a bit different combination that you can enjoy. Here you can get a rare combination of reddish twilight, sanctity temple, and mind-blowing Mount Agung!

    This place is known as Gates of Heaven or A Temple in the Sky. You are simply able to “touch” the clouds when you reach the highest spot of Pura Lempuyanagn Luhur! In order to reach this spot, you need to pass a thousand steps. However, once you get in the highest spot, there will be no words that can describe the grandeur of this place!

    Pura Lempuyangan Luhur

    Address: Bunutan Seraya Bar, Karangasem, Bali 80852

    How to get in there: You can reach Pura Lempuyangan Luhur from Denpasar by driving for approximately 2 hours. Do not forget to wear a sarong or you can rent it here for Rp. 10,000

    Opening hours: 9am – 6pm

  8. Pura Ulun Danu Beratan

    Sunset in Bali; Pura Ulun Danu
    Pura Ulun Danu @thegingerwanderlust

    The nest sunset in Bali spot is still a temple, but this place offers a unique view of the sunset. Pura Ulun Danu Beratan lays behind the farming villages of Bali in Bedugul. For calm and quiet fans, you should visit this place. Pura Ulun Danu Beratan secluded from the bustling city and the crowds. The calm Beratan Lake or Danau Beratan will instantly lower yourself. Wait till the sun starts to step down, then you will watch how fabulous the sunset panorama in this place is.

    Pura Ulun Danu Beratan

    Address: Danau Beratan, Baturiti, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali

    How to get in there: drive for about 90 minutes long from Ubud, or it will take approximately 3 hours driving from Seminyak, Kuta, or Legian.

    Opening hours; 8am – 6pm

  9. Pura Segara Toya Umbul, Nusa Penida

    Sunset in Bali; Pura Segara Toya Nusa Penida
    Pura Segara Toya Nusa Penida @ajiabiyoga

    Pura Segara Toya Umbul in Nusa Penida, that you will visit is not literally like the ordinary temple you’ve seen in Bali. The thing that you will see here is a small unique shrine where many Hindu devotees put their offering. However, the dusk scenery here is nowhere to be found! The mesmerizing reddish sky, golden sun, and turquoise ocean will completely please your sight. People believe that if you take the shire picture, it brings lots of luck four you. Well, believe it or not, is up to you, but taking a picture to feed your social media is a must!

    Nusa Penida Temple

    How to get in there: Before going to Nusa Penida Island, you need to reach Sanur Beach first, then take a boat for approximately 90 minutes to get in Nusa Penida Island.

  10. Get Your Once in a Lifetime Moment at Melasti Beach

    Sunset in Bali; Melasti Beach
    Melasti Beach @manbutur

    Wanna know the hidden treasure near Tanah Lot? Well, this treasure is just right beside this famous tourism place, and you can reach it on foot! Melasti Beach is just exactly located at the same shoreline as Tanah Lot. You just need to walk for 15 minutes long to reach Melasti Beach! The best attraction of this beach is not just the “beach”, in specific season (usually at the rainy season), you will get to see a unique waterfall! This waterfall just directly goes to the ocean. When the sunset time begins, you can capture it along with the waterfall.

    Melasti Beach

    Address: Jalan Padma or you can walk down to this place from Tanah Lot for about 15 minutes.

  11. Echo Beach for Surfing and Sunset Enthusiasts

    Sunset in Bali; Echo Beach
    Echo Beach @unrealhi

    Besides Kuta Beach, there are countless beaches that provide sunset attraction. Kuta Beach is a compulsory place for every visitor. No wonder if this beach is full of crowds. If you are looking for quitter beach that has sunset panorama as well, Echo Beach could be your alternative. Located at the most hype area in Bali, Canggu, you will get the greatest sunset show with fewer people. Echo Beach has great waves as well, so surfers who want to show off your skill, this place could be your field.

    Echo Beach

    Address: Jalan Pura Batu Mejan, Canggu

  12. Bohemian Beach Club with Breath-Taking Sunset, La Laguna

    Sunset in Bali; La Laguna
    La Laguna @thetravelsaurus

    Along with its countless beaches, Bali provides its visitors with various kind of beach club. Besides The Lawn Canggu, you can try to drop by at La Laguna. For gypsy and hipster lovers, you will definitely love this place. All the decorations of La Laguna are inspired by the Spanish Gypsy! The colorful sofa and table will hype the atmosphere, along with the mouth-watering dishes. When the evening comes, you can walk through the wooden bridge to reach the lagoon. This wooden bridge is actually the best spot to see the sunset scenery, but if you want to laze around, just sit down at the sofa and enjoy the show.

    La Laguna

    Address: Jalan Pantai Kayu Putih, Berawa, Canggu, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

    Opening hours: Monday – Sunday at 9am – 12am

  13. The Rock Bar at Ayana Resort

    Sunset in Bali; The Rock Bar
    The Rock Bar @rollingbakso

    Besides Canggu, Jimbaran turns into a cozy place to enjoy the sunset in Bali. Known as the exclusive place in Bali, Jimbaran offers various kinds of beachfront clubs where you can choose. To get premium service and sunset panorama, The Rock Bar at Ayana Resort is the best option. Located in the Jimbaran’s cliff, The Rock Bar provides all-in-one service. You will get to have numerous yummy dishes and beverages, hyping song from international DJ and the natural sunset attraction! Due to A long line of visitors, who wish to spend their time here, better for you to make a booking first.

    The Rock Bar at Ayana Resort

    Address: Ayana Resort & Spa Bali, Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran

    Booking inquiry: +6236170222 or [email protected]

    Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 4pm – midnight (Thursday and Friday up until 1am)

  14. La Planca, a Mini Spain in Seminyak

    Sunset in Bali; La Planca
    La Planca @seetheworldbeautiful

    Longing for Spanish atmosphere while having a holiday in Bali? Seminyak has a Spanish-like beach club where you can witness a “mini Spain”. Along the coastline, you will see a hundred colorful umbrellas as well as the bean bags. Moreover, try to order some yummy Spanish grill, then lay down your body at the bean, and enjoy the sun stepping down from his place.

    La Planca

    Address: Jalan Pantai Mesari, Double Six, Seminyak, Bali 80361

    Booking inquiry: +6287861416310

    Opening hours: Monday – Sunday at 10am – 12am

  15. The Sayan House

    Sunset in Bali; The Sayan House
    The Sayan House @shotbylukas

    Who says you cannot see the sunset when you’re in the middle of lush greenery? Ubud has a nature-close place, where its visitors able to watch the twilight show. The Sayana House is Japanese-Latin restaurant where you can dine at peace, surrounded with fresh and calming tropical Ubud forest. Besides the greenery, visitors able to relax their selves in the garden while watching the sunset. How about the menu? This dining place serves Asian dishes that will satisfy your hungry tummy! (Ty)

    The Sayana House

    Address: Jalan Sayan No 70 Ubud, Bali

    Booking inquiry: +623614792592 or +6282247370344 or email at [email protected]

    Opening hours: Monday – Sunday at 12am – 10pm is part of PT. Korina Prima Sinergi

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