Where should we go if we suddenly want Nusa Dua shopping? Just like the other areas in Bali, Nusa Dua complete its area with various shopping places. When you want to buy a simple good like shampoo or light snacks, bunches of minimarkets are on the line. Then, if you want something traditional like traditional snacks or handicrafts, you can directly go to the traditional market.

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So, since you’re on a vacation and want everything well-prepared, you don’t need to find the shopping places by yourself. What you need to do is keep on reading this work, and here are lits of places where you can buy many things in Nusa Dua:

  1. SOGO Department Store

    The best way to get the ultimate Nusa Dua shopping is wandering at a big department store. Since Bali, especially Nusa Dua, is the tourist magnet where you can get many entertaining things, you can easily find shops that will fill your needs. Moreover, you can spot many markets, shops, and department stores in Nusa Dua Bali. If you have lots of spare time, then visiting some particular shops which sell one specific item will be perfect. However, if you have a limited duration, SOGO Department Store is the best choice. 

    Nusa Dua Shopping: SOGO Department Store Bali by www.sogo.co.id
    SOGO Department Store Bali by www.sogo.co.id

    Just like any other department store, this place has many shops under the same roof. You can find either local products and international brands here. Visiting SOGO Nusa Dua would be your time savior for Nusa Dua shopping activity. You can get many things through this place, from clothes, food even pharmacy! So, for whoever wants to grab some needs but doesn’t want to go around, this place is heaven.

    SOGO Department Store

    Address: Kawasan BTDC Area, Nusa Dua, Benoa, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80363
    Operational Hours: Monday to Sunday from 10 AM till 10 PM

  2. Bali Collection

    ITDC complex in Nusa Dua is indeed a complete package for entertaining activities. You can take a good rest at the resort, watch the traditional show at Devdan Show, even easily watch the natural attraction, Water Blow in ITDC. Besides those activities, if you want to buy some clothes Bali Collection at ITDC has many pretty clothes for you. Many trendy clothes brand from local until international are lining up at this shopping center. Moreover, after walking around the Nusa Dua shopping center you can take a brief break at the cafe or food court.  

    Nusa Dua Shopping: Bali Collection by @gemini2021
    Bali Collection by @gemini2021

    Bali collection is such Nusa Dua shopping paradise. Just like mentioned before, boutiques from various famous brands are waiting for their shoppers to come. Moreover, whenever you’re exhausted from wandering around the Bali Collection, you can like anytime to go to the spa center or some reflexology places! Then, to fill up your energy back some restaurants with unique decoration will surely recharge your energy in no time.

    Bali Collection

    Address: Komplek ITDC Nusa Dua, Benoa, Kuta Selatan, Benoa, Kuta Selatan, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80363
    Operational Hours: Monday to Sunday from 10 AM till 11 PM

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  3. Jalan Pantai Mengiat

    Nusa Dua Shopping: Jalan Pantai Mengiat by @mybabybeeee
    Jalan Pantai Mengiat by @mybabybeeee

    If Kuta has Kuta Art Market or Ubud with its famous Ubud Art Market, then Nusa Dua presents Jalan Pantai Mengiat. This place isn’t a common street, but a long line of handicraft stalls! Whenever you want to buy some souvenirs, you can take this place as your references besides the common art markets in Bali. What things you’ll get in Jalan Pantai Mengiat is similar to the other art markets. You can get some cute tiny keychains made from wood or bamboo, simple tote bags with an artistic draw on them, even oil-painting pictures! 

    One and maybe the most important Nusa Dua shopping tip is bargaining. Try your best to bargain whenever you’re in the traditional market or art market in Bali. Sometimes the sellers give an unreasonable price for tourists (local or foreign). So, give your best bargain skill to get both your desire souvenirs and affordable price.

  4. Blue Glue Bikinis Bali

    Nusa Bua beach is as adorable as any other beaches in Bali. You can do anything of things to do in Nusa Dua, from swimming at the beach or sunbathing at the coastline. Since we’re going to the beach, don’t forget your best swimwear. If you, unfortunately, forget your bikinis or want something more beautiful to be your collections, let’s buy some at Blue Glue Bikinis. This shop sells many swimwears, especially bikinis. Blue Glue Bikinis or we can say it Thailkila Nusa Dua, is one among dozens of bikini boutiques that always full of customers. 

    Nusa Dua Shopping: Blue Glue Bikinis Bali by @brazilianshowroomhawaii
    Blue Glue Bikinis Bali by @brazilianshowroomhawaii

    Lots of colorful and pretty bikinis will make you gasp! Each of them is well-made with high-quality fabric and other materials. That’s why bikinis from Glue Blue Bikinis are comfortable and fashionable! Buy some of them, and wear it at the beach. The beach that could be your one-day stage is the hidden gem, Pantai Geger. This place is a bit secluded, so there are a few visitors here. Moreover, even though only a few visitors able to see your pretty bikinis, this place is best for a photo shoot. Well, post your photo at Instagram, and you’ll get bunches of like instantly!

    Blue Glue Bikinis Bali

    Address: Jalan Raya Kerobokan, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
    Operational Hours: Monday to Sunday from 9 AM till 10 PM

  5. Pink Eleven

    Nusa Dua Shopping: Pink Eleven by @pinkelevenbali
    Pink Eleven by @pinkelevenbali

    Shopping is one of the stress reliever activities for most of the women. Then, Nusa Dua shopping might be one of your bucket lists while visiting this area. Moreover, if you want to get this kind of activity, Pink Eleven could be your “playground”. Actually, all the boutiques and beauty shops are a paradise for shopaholics. However in Nusa Dua, you better come to Pink Eleven. This boutique offers every-girls needs, like one-piece dresses, cute T-Shirts, pretty skirts, and cardigans. Moreover, if you’re looking for unique accessories, Pink Eleven knows it better. Numerous necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings in this boutique will make your style be more stunning. Do we get only pink things? Nope. even though the name is “pink”, you’ll get to buy various colorful clothes!

    Pink Eleven

    Address: Bali Collection, Unit A2#1, ITDC Nusa Dua, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80363
    Operational Hours: Monday to Sunday from 10 AM till 10 PM
    Contact Person: +62 361 773 787 or +62 821 4480 0500 or [email protected]

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