Beaches in Bali is one of the natural attractions that cannot be missed. Since Bali lays between two great oceans, no wonder this island has tons of marvelous beaches. Most of them have been discovered then attract so many visitors to come. However, the hidden beaches are still countless! Those beaches might be known among the locals only, or even none come there at all. Easy people, you don’t need to spare lots of time to discover them one by one. Sooner or later, you can visit them and enjoy their grandeur.

So, before that time comes you can enjoy the current attractive beaches in Bali. Here’s a list for those coastlines, from the mainstream beaches that always full of crowds, till the newest beach with amazing natural scenery. So, let’s check these out, guys.

  1. The Very First Beach to Drop by, Kuta Beach

    Your beach appetizer would be just a few steps from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. What is it? The renowned beach that everyone knows, Kuta Beach. Since the location of this beach is quite close to the airport, and its free admission, this place always full of visitors every time! Besides the admission and location, there are countless interesting things you can find in Kuta Beach.

    Beaches in Bali; Kuta Beach
    Kuta Beach by @shehan_ranuka

    Dozens of local food stalls near the beach are ready to fill your tummy, with various kinds of affordable traditional foods and beverages. Moreover, you can do surfing, snorkeling or water sport in Kuta Beach as well. Do you know that Kuta Beach as another name? Kuta Beach is known as Sunset Beach due to its marvelous sunset attraction in the evening. The dusk view here is spotless, that’s why many tourists come to take the pictures.

  2. Let’s meet the doppelganger of Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach

    Beaches in Bali; Seminyak Beach
    Seminyak Beach by @afellyfa25

    Wanna have a great sunset view just like in Kuta, yet more tranquil vibe? Seminyak Beach is just right beside Kuta Beach, which means this coastline share the same characteristics. Seminyak Beach shares the same panorama with Kuta Beach. The sunset view in here is no less attractive than its neighbor beach. Feel the peace ambiance when the sun slowly steps down from its place. As mentioned before, Seminyak Beach has a rather quiet vibe compare to Kuta, and the wave is calmer as well. That’s why Seminyak Beach is the most suitable for surfers who want to improve their skill.

  3. Canggu Beach, the Home of Countless Beach Club

    Beaches in Bali; Canggu Beach
    Canggu Beach by @priyasheart

    Another serene beach that has jaw-dropping scenery is just right beside Seminyak Beach. Located between two famous beaches in Bali, Seminyak Beach and Tanah Lot, Canggu Beach offers no less attractiveness. For your information, Canggu is the area where many hipster things spread all over the places! Even its beach has a great reputation as one the greatest and most exclusive beaches in Bali. Practically, you can find many fancy beach clubs all over Canggu Beach! Having some cocktails with your friend or lover, while relishing the magnificent ocean scenery.

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  4. Sanur Beach, where Sun Pops Up from the End of the Horizon

    Beaches in Bali; Sanur Beach
    Sanur Beach by @suzieweiss

    Sunset scenery might be a beautiful natural view however, the attractiveness of sunrise will give you a different impact. Different from Kuta Beach that is known as Sunset Beach, Sanur Beach is the Sunrise Beach. This place offers the best view of the virgin dawn attraction, along with fresh unpolluted air! Hunting for sunrise scenery is much different than hunting the sunset one. You need to put a bit extra effort if you want to see the sun starts rising. Every sunrise hunter has to wake up much earlier than before and bear with the cold morning breeze. However, the view that you get is worth with your effort!

  5. Get the Most Majestic Sunset View in Tanah Lot Beach

    Bali is where you can find numerous unique things that anywhere else has. Other beaches in Bali that will show you an extraordinary sunset panorama is Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is one of the places that has a temple or pura near the open ocean. Pura Tanah Lot was built in the cliff near the open ocean years ago. In some occasion, you can see the Hindu priests or locals Hindu come to the temple to pray.

    Beaches in Bali; Tanah Lot
    Tanah Lot by @alexsvisionn

    The temple is big enough so that you can see it from the coastline. When the sunset time, the reddish sunlight will create a silhouette of Pura Tanah Lot. This moment is what the tourists looking for! The time when the sun slowly slips down is quite mesmerizing, plus the majestic temple silhouette will create a painting-like scenery that will last forever in your mind!

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  6. Savor Many Seafood Dishes In Front of Jimbaran Beach

    The next beaches in Bali will let you enjoy the wide clear ocean when savoring various kind of seafood dishes. Jimbaran Beach has a great reputation as the best place to have seafood dining in the beachfront area. There are dozens of beachfront restaurants that ready to satisfy your taste buds! Choose the restaurant that you want, either the fancy restaurant or local food stall. Just chill out because all of them have a great taste of dishes, even each of them has their own signature dishes.

    Beaches in Bali; Jimbaran Beach
    Jimbaran Beach by @nancyaryasubawa

    Lobsters, crabs, and shrimps are the common menu that always ordered by the guests, but if you want the other there are various kind of fish, clam, even chicken, and vegetarian dishes. There are many dining tables right in front of the coastline that you can use. Pick the best spot and enjoy your dining time together with the natural attraction of Balinese beach.

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  7. Kelingking Beach where the T-Rex Shaped-Like Cliff Lays

    Beaches in Bali; Kelingking Beach
    Kelingking Beach by @theworldpursuit

    Let’s move to the nearby island, Nusa Penida. This island is such a heaven on earth that always full of visitors. The natural attractions that spread all over the island are undoubtable. Tourists can simply find any kind of natural places and all of them are breath-taking. One among the countless tourism attractions in Nusa Penida that you must visit is Kelingking Beach. From above the hill, you’ll witness that the limestone cliff shape is like T-Rex head! Moreover, the turquoise ocean is clearly seen here.

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  8. Movie Like Spot, Suluban Beach

    Beaches in Bali; Suluban Beach
    Suluban Beach by @travelswithmybae

    Are you looking for a jaw-dropping beach that will leave a permanent memory on your mind? Drive your vehicle to Suluban Beach. Before reaching the beach, better for you to take the cave route rather than the common route. Why should we take it? when you are walking through the cave, you will get amazed by its natural structure. Just stay a little bit longer inside it, and feel like you’re jumping on the Pirates of the Caribbean filming location! The situation is perfectly similar to the movie location, even at some spots, you can try to imitate the scene. When you’re coming off from the cave, the beach will surely welcome you.

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  9. Come and Try the Natural-Made Jacuzzies in Tegal Wangi Beach

    Beaches in Bali; Tegal Wangi Beach
    Tegal Wangi Beach by @astawabalitours

    You might have not heard about this beach since this coast is one of the hidden beaches in Bali. How secluded is this beach then? Even only a few locals know this beach! So, don’t be surprised if this beach has fewer facilities, compared to any other beaches in Bali. When you come to Tegal Wangi Beach, you can see lots of limestones spread at some spots. Look closer to those things, and you’ll find some of them can be used as natural jacuzzies! For years, the waves decreased the limestone and created the natural mini pools near the coastline. You can soak inside these pools, and pretend like you’re in the jacuzzi.

  10. Angel’s Billabong, A Natural Infinity Pool with Breath-Taking Panorama

    This place isn’t exactly like the other beaches in Bali, because you will not spot any beach sand or comfortable sunbathing spot. Angel’s Billabong is a natural-made infinity pool, that has a direct view of open ocean! The limestone cliff near the ocean has been decreased by the waves for years. This natural phenomenon slowly creating a wide pool that isn’t just pretty but also the only one in the house!

    Beaches in Bali; Angel's Billabong
    Angel’s Billabong by @svtkxo

    Angel’s Billabong has crystal-clear water as if it’s made from the glass. Visitors are able to see even till the deep down of Angel’s Billabong floor, due to its clear water. You can swim here and enjoy the wide-open ocean view, but be careful with the waves. Sometime the waves could be high enough to reach this natural pool, so you need to be alert with the waves.

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  11. Surfers Paradise, Balangan Beach

    Beaches in Bali; Balangan Beach
    Balangan Beach by @saltyeyephoto

    Let’s take a look on the surfers’ playground guys. Balangan Beach is where you can find groups of professional surfers take action. The waves here are quite challenging and wild, which mean those things will surely make surfers excited. There are some stalls along the coastline that sell not only food and beverages, but also some of them offer surfing board rent, if you don’t bring your own. The best season to conquer the waves is at dry season, around May until September.

  12. Lovina Beach for Spotting the Gorgeous Underwater Scenery

    Beaches in Bali; Lovina Beach
    Lovina Beach by @brianjlittle

    Are you an underwater enthusiast? Almost all of the beaches in Bali have a gorgeous underwater view, but the best spot for this thing is Lovina Beach. Lots of visitors come and go on this coast to witness its adorable under the sea scenery. For the underwater trip, you can either choose the snorkeling activity or diving activity. Both of them share the same unforgettable underwater experience. So, you may choose it based on your skill. If you’re lucky, you can meet a group of dolphins in here! After exploring the underwater world, rest your body near the coastline and enjoy the ocean breeze and waves sound.

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  13. To Get Private and Exclusive Coast, Visit the Karma Beach

    If you want some exclusive and premium service, Karma Beach would be the best choice for you. This beach is an exclusive private beach that runs by Krama Resort. So, your beach trip would be way more seclude and fancy. You can either book a room with a beachfront view at the resort, or you can spend your time at the beach club. If you book a room here, the scenery would be limitless!

    Beaches in Bali; Karma Beach
    Karma Beach by @flowerlovernz

    You can enjoy the open ocean panorama whenever you want. Even when you’re too lazy to get up from the bed, you can just open up the curtain, then voila! The beach is right before your eyes. On the other hands, if you have a limit of time beach club will save you for sure. So, the choice is on you, people. however, you can rest assure because both the choices serve you with the best service and scenery.

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  14. A Dramatic Overhead View in Broken Beach

    Beaches in Bali; Broken Beach
    Broken Beach by @shantie_syifa

    When you’re in Nusa Penida, there is a beach you must not miss beside the Nusa Dua Beach. Actually, the visitors cannot directly come and play near the coastline of Broken Beach. However, the best spot to witness the amazing panorama is above Broken Beach. This beach was originally a beachfront cave before some of the natural phenomena made the cave’s floor crashed. After this incident, the cave is widely open, and people are able to see the sea water comes inside the broken cave. If you have a drone, you can take some overhead photos. Through these pictures, you can see a clear huge hole that created from the fallen cave.

  15. Melasti Beach, Where the Combination of Cascade and Coast can be Found

    Beaches in Bali; Melasti Beach
    Melasti Beach by @paradyswa

    How if you want to go to the waterfall, yet at the same time you want to witness the wide ocean blanket? Why don’t you go to a place that has both of those attractions? Then, one solution for you, which is going to Melasti Beach. This place has your dream tourism attraction combination. A breath-taking open ocean, and the fresh waterfall! Well, on some occasion (usually in the rainy season), you can witness a tiny waterfall that comes directly to the shore.

  16. Come to Geger Beach to See the Local Seaweed Farmers Activities

    Beaches in Bali; Geger Beach
    Geger Beach by @littlebeckandrews

    As we know, seaweed is one of the healthy food ingredients in the world. While you’re in Bali, you can see the local seaweed farmers if you come to Geger Beach. Besides the locals, none knows about this beach so the situation her is more serene. Since the water is clear and clean, you can witness some small fish even in the shallow spot! Visitors are able to visit the seaweed farms as well and see how the farmers work. (Ty) is part of Korina Group

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