There are countless interesting activities in Bali that surely will make your day. However, without any information about what you need to do in Bali, probably make yourself confused. So, here’s a list of basic activities in Bali that you must do. Some of them might be not your cup of tea, but do something out of the box would leave a great impact for you isn’t? Start reading then, and find the most suitable activity for you to do. Happy holiday~

  1. Seaside Activities

    Activities in Bali; Sunbathing
    Sunbathing by @cbbcportdestorrent

    The main attraction in Bali is the beaches. No wonder, whenever you’re asking the activities in Bali that you should do, most of the people will tell you to visit the beaches. Tourists practically able to find any kind of beaches based on their interest. Moreover, you can do whatever you want in the Balinese beaches! Before jumping deep down the sea, let’s warm out our body with several seaside activities.

    Bring your own or rent a volleyball, and ask your group to heat up the game! You can put some bets and see which side will win the beach volley game. Or, while watching the game you can unwind your back on the sun loungers. Let the sun tan your skin, and get your exotic color skin naturally.

  2. Surfing

    For surfers, the previous activities in Bali might be boring. Then the one that you need to do is finding the best beach for whitecaps challengers. There are many coasts in Bali that suit for surfers. The first one is Kuta Beach, where both newbie and pro surfers able to play. For beginners, you can start to learn how to handle your board, with a hand from surfing trainers. You can find some of the surfing school near the beach, like Odyssey Surfing School.

    Activities in Bali; Surfing
    Surfing by @j0j0_79

    Keramas Beach, Balangan Beach, and Suluban Beach are a few beaches that offer great wild waves. They are famous among both local and international surfers! Once you go there, you can witness how strong and wild the waves are, when speeding, running then crushing the cliffs and coastline. Bring your surfing board, and see how far you can handle the wildness Balinese nature.

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  3. Water Sports

    Activities in Bali; Flyboard
    Flyboard by @carlos.dxb

    Surfing might be a bit complicated for some people. However, you’re still able to taste the thrilling sensation of extreme activity, through water sports. Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua are the spots to try and ride various water sports. Those places have numerous kinds of rides that you can choose. Pump your adrenaline by speeding up or having a race with the jet ski.

    Wanna try something more thrilling? Then flyboard will bring you up high! Be an Iron Man for a moment and jump around freely. If you’re such a loyal friend and want to tighten up your friend or family bond, Banana Boat and Rolling Donut are the best rides for you. Just hold tightly on the float handle, and be ready to fall down on the ocean.

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  4. Snorkeling and Diving

    After pumping your adrenaline, let’s release a bit of your tense by exploring the underwater world. Bali has bunches of snorkeling and diving spots, that worth to visit. Imagine how beautiful the scenery is when you dive down under the Balinese ocean. Tons of cute small fish will welcome you for sure, once you enter their world. Besides the fish, bunches of colorful coral will please your sight as well!

    Activities in Bali; Snorkeling
    Snorkeling by @alex.burtnik

    The nearest snorkeling spot from Ngurah Rai Airport is Kuta Beach. You can find some of those cute little fish, but you might fight for them with any other visitors since this place always full of crowds. The best spot to do snorkeling and diving in Bali would be around Nusa Dua and Nusa Penida. Both of them have spectacular underwater scenery that will make you amazed! If you’re lucky, you can swim around with the majestic manta rays! Just be careful with their tail, because it’s quite sharp.

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  5. Day Cruises

    Another water activities in Bali that might be your once in a lifetime experience is day cruise. Soaring around the Indian Ocean above the cruise would be the most perfect activity to kill the time. There would many options of day cruise in Bali, and each of them will bring you into such a different trip. If you want to ride a catamaran, then you should book the Bali Hai Cruise service. Hop on the catamaran and enjoy your day cruise trip, along with best ocean scenery and cruise service.

    Activities in Bali; Day Cruise
    Day Cruise by @sailingathens

    On the other hand, if you want something more unique you should try a pirate-themed day cruise. You can get this kind of cruise when joining the Pirate Dinner Bali Cruise. All of the cruise staffs wear the pirate-theme uniform, even the decoration is similar to the pirate deck! All of the cruises offer a various interesting package of the day cruise. Choose the package that suits your style and enjoy your day there.

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  6. Water Rides

    Activities in Bali; Waterbom Bali
    Waterbom Bali by @waterbombali

    Out from the ocean, you can play with water activities as well. Tourists are able to find waterparks in Bali easily. However, first, you must visit Waterbom Bali out of those waterparks. As the biggest waterpark in Asia, every inch of Waterbom is internationally standard. You can chill out here, without even worrying about safety or anything! There will be several levels of water rides that you can ride. For extreme things fans, you should try the extreme rides like Pipeline or Climax. If you want something more relaxing, the mellow rides like Lazy River would be the best ride for you.

    When you want to try surfing but kind of afraid with the ocean waves, let’s practice on the artificial waves at Surf&Turf. This place has an amazing ride where the guest can learn surfing techniques safely. The ride allows you to surf above the artificial waves. The instructor will control the waves and watch you out!

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  7. River Rafting

    Do you know that Bali has a beautiful long river? Ayung River is the longest river in the land, as well as the best place to pump your adrenaline through rafting activity. Ayung River is famous for its great stream for rafting fans. The speed is just perfect to make your heart drops down!

    Activities in Bali; Rafting
    Rafting by @zenelea

    While having fun with the rafting, don’t forget to see the greenery along the river. These things will surely help you to calm down the tense, but still, watch out for the rocks! When you’re about to start rafting, the instructor will give a briefing, then come along with you to make sure your safety and excitement!

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  8. Waterfalls Hunting

    Activities in Bali; Aling Aling Waterfalls

    Aling Aling Waterfalls by @rikkicarman

    Why don’t you explore more about Balinese forest after having thrilling rafting? There are countless gems that you can find beneath the greenery on this island. The scenery of Balinese waterfalls is no less than its beaches. The fresh and cold cascade, along with the calming stream will sweep away your fatigue.

    Those waterfalls have their own uniqueness, and each of them is different. When you’re going to Aling Aling Waterfall, you can jump down from the cliff and directly dive in the stream. Or you’ll get a painting-like waterfall when visiting Tukad Cepung Waterfall. If you don’t want to get wet yet still want to witness the jaw-dropping cascade, you can sip the local coffee near the Golden Valley Waterfall.

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  9. Shopping

    Shopping is a mandatory thing that you must do in Bali. Since Bali is the center of tourism, no wonder if you’ll find numerous markets and shops all over the land. If souvenirs are the things that you looking for, you can go ahead to Sukawati Art Market, Ubud Art Market or Kuta Art Market. These markets offer various kind of artworks and handicrafts as well, even traditional fabrics!

    Activities in Bali; Ubud Art Market
    Ubud Art Market by @_thechroniclesofnadia_

    When you want to grab some healthy products, you can visit Bali Buda or Angelo Store. Bali Buda is where you can purchase many kinds of gluten-free foods until organic products. Then Angelo Store is the house for various authentic Indonesian traditional medicine. Hipster goods can be found at some hipster as well, like Rose Avenue Bali or Love Anchor.

  10. Sunset and Sunrise Hunting

    Activities in Bali; Sunset in Kuta
    Sunset in Kuta by @kadex_edy

    Sunset and sunrise are two dramatic natural attractions that always be loved by so many people. bali is such a perfect place for hunting these contradictive shows. Beach is on the top list for the best sunset spot. The common beach for watching the twilight would be Kuta Beach, Tanah Lot and Seminyak Beach. For the sunrise show on the coast, Sanur Beach still the favorite one.

    Besides the beach, sunrise can be found when you do the trekking activity. Mount Batur and Mount Agung are duos mountain where sunrise scenery be more majestic. Waking up early in the morning, even trekking to the mount, might be a difficult task for several persons. However, just hold on till the sun starts to rise up, then every effort that you’ve done is paid off.

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  11. Spa & Massage

    When we’re discussing the best activities in Bali to make your body and soul relax, then nothing will beat spa and massage. Every hotel and resort on this island provide spa and massage facility. However, if you’re looking for the new spa and massage places. There will be several kinds of massages and spas package that you can choose. Most of them offer Thai massage, Javanese and Balinese massage even Japanese traditional massage.

    Activities in Bali; Bali Spa
    Bali Spa by @hope__y

    Along with the massage, you can take the scrub as well. Javanese and Balinese traditional scrub are the most favorite scrub these times. Several spa and massage places have jacuzzi service. So, you’re able to dip as well as relaxing your body. Besides the main offers, the spa & massage houses usually decorate or have amazing scenery to make their guest even more comfortable. Some of them choose to build up their place near the coastline or greenery!

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  12. Animals Sightseeing

    When you’re having a trip with the youngsters, finding the right place for them might be a bit complicated. Why don’t you take them to see the wilds? Bali has several zoos, as well as conservation places, where the children can learn about animals and nature. Bali Safari and Marine Park is one of the best zoos in Indonesia. You’ll get to see lots of wild animals here with safari trip! You won’t see the animals stay inside the small cage, but they are freely wandering around inside the “open cage”!

    Activities in Bali; Bali Safari and Marine Park
    Bali Safari and Marine Park by @shiki_shiki_shiki

    Besides walking around the zoo, there are some places that provide dinner or breakfast session with animals! The most favorite one is dinner with the elephant. So, the elephants are right before your eyes, while you’re savoring the yummy dishes! Just chill out because the trainers are around to make sure the giant won’t disturb your moment.

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  13. Exploring Nature

    The last two activities in Bali are the highlights. Exploring nature is like a mandatory activity that will make you disappointed if you miss it. Well, besides the beaches and waterfalls, there are dozens of natural spots that will please your eyes. Have you watched Eat Pray Love? Then you must witness the breath-taking scene of Tegalalang Rice Terraces. This thing lays above the land of Ubud. As the center of Balinese culture, you can witness the humble rural vibe in here.

    Activities in Bali; Tegalalang Rice Terraces
    Tegalalang Rice Terraces by @gusmangadi

    Just right in Ubud, you can find an incredible jogging track with amazing greenery view. Campuhan Ridge Walk is famous as the jogging track with a wide jaw-dropping natural scenery. Better for you to come here in the morning. The air is just perfect to do jogging, and the view will be more amazing.

  14. Cultural Trip

    Activities in Bali; Dancing Show in Uluwatu Temple
    Dancing Show in Uluwatu Temple by @junglefishbali

    Bali is one of the places in Indonesia, where its people still hold on the cultural tradition. If you want to see the cultural festival or religious ceremony, there are some occasions when the locals hold these events. The most popular one would be Nyepi Day or Silent Day. The even is last for a day, but the preparation holds before it as well as the closing ceremony after Nyepi.

    You don’t need to wait for this event (since it holds annually) to see the cultural attraction. There are some places that hold dancing and any other cultural performances. Devdan Show and Bali Kuta Theater hold the show every day. The guests are able to watch a beautiful cultural performance which is a combination of dancing, singing, and theater show. Or you may watch a majestic dancing show in Uluwatu Temple! (Ty)

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