If a trip to Labuan Bajo has been in your mind for a while, you must’ve been wondering about things to do in Labuan Bajo. This lovely town (formerly a small fishing village) is located at the western tip of Flores Island. This small seaside town serves as the center of government, education, and economy of the island. Besides, it is also the center of tourism. Lots of lovebirds have been choosing this town as their destination for honeymoon trip. Of course, this paradise on earth is not only there for those wishing to find romance. Everyone can find serenity and beauty here. In fact, Labuan Bajo can be seen as one of the must visit place in Indonesia.

Now, as the title suggests, this time we will discuss things you can experience in this small yet gorgeous fishing town. Wish to make your first trip to Labuan Bajo an incredible one? Here are what to do:

  1. Get Closer to the Great Komodo Dragon

    things to do in Labuan Bajo; Komodo Dragon @korablik23
    Komodo Dragon (c) @korablik23

    Labuan Bajo is mostly known as the gate to the Komodo dragons’ sanctuary: Komodo National Park. Even though there is much to see in Labuan Bajo, catching a sight of this rare creature is a must. If you plan to explore Labuan Bajo, dedicate your time to cross the sea to nearby Komodo Island or Rinca Island. However, please keep in mind that this wild predator is highly protected and very dangerous. So, make sure you go with an experience ranger or guide and don’t mess up with the Komodo dragons.

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  2. Must-Do: Pose with the Gorgeous Background in Padar Island

    things to do in Labuan Bajo; Padar Island @nia_prado
    Padar Island (c) @nia_prado

    Padar Island is one the three largest islands in western Flores, along with Komodo Island and Rinca Island. Unlike its sister-islands, you will unfortunately no longer be able to find Komodo dragon in Padar Island. Even so, this island has its own attractiveness. The most famous landmark in this gorgeous island is the view point from which you will be able to catch a sight of its three beaches. If you have the chance to hop on Padar Island, taking a photo or more with this background is definitely not to be missed.

  3. Visit Pink Beach in Komodo Island

    things to do in Labuan Bajo; Pink Beach Komodo @jordhammond
    Pink Beach Komodo (c) @jordhammond

    You know Indonesia is blessed with some pink beaches. Komodo Island also has this unique appeal. The pink beach in this island is called Pantai Merah by the locals. The red sand grains from the broken corals covering the beach results to this distinct pink color. For your information, there are only 7 beaches in the whole universe that have pink-colored sand. You certainly don’t want to miss the opportunity to feel the pink sand on your feet while you are in Labuan Bajo.

  4. Embrace the Manta Rays in Taka Makassar

    things to do in Labuan Bajo; Manta Ray @celiarun
    Manta Ray (c) @celiarun

    Other than trekking through the forest and find Komodo dragons, snorkeling and diving are two other must-do activities. Being a part of the Coral Triangle, there is much to see under the water around Komodo Island. However, this island is not the only snorkeling and diving sites near Labuan Bajo, such as Taka Makassar, Crystal Rock, Castle Rock, Pink Beach, Sebayur Island, and many others. Among the must-see sea creatures here is the manta ray which you can meet in the Manta Point.

  5. Do Island-Hopping Tour

    things to do in Labuan Bajo; Kanawa Island @jonobushido
    Kanawa Island (c) @jonobushido

    As you know, Labuan Bajo is like the gate to heavens on Earth. There are bunches of exotic paradise-like islands nearby, which are all worth your visit. Most of the coastlines of the islands are where the clean white sand meets the crystal-clear aquamarine-colored sea. Among the must-visit islands besides the big three mentioned above are Kalong Island with its swarming bats and Kanawa Island with its renowned wood bridge. Those two islands have something you would not easily find somewhere else. So, make sure you add them to your list.

  6. Join 3D 2N Boat Trip

    things to do in Labuan Bajo; Komodo Sail on Board
    Komodo Sail on Board

    As mentioned previously above, Labuan Bajo has been the gateway to Komodo Island and other surrounding islands. With its magnificent sea and lovely weather, joining a boat trip won’t be a bad idea. By doing so, you will experience more than just seeing Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. Basically, you will get to do all activities mentioned previously above. If you’d like to find more friends in the process, join boat trip will be perfect for you. Or, you can always choose the private boat trip to enjoy more intimate time with your loved one.

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  7. Cleanse Your Soul with the Freshness of Cunca Rami Waterfall

    things to do in Labuan Bajo; Cunca Rami Waterfall @daiga_fit
    Cunca Rami Waterfall (c) @daiga_fit

    Besides the ocean view, Labuan Bajo is also famous for its pristine nature. So, let’s go a little bit away from the sea and move to waterfall. If you search for waterfall Labuan Bajo, Cunca Rami Waterfall will easily pop up. This waterfall is out of town, and the process to reach this secluded heaven will not be easy. After a long drive, you still need to hike through the lush vegetation for about 40 minutes. However, the view and the fresh water really makes it worthwhile. You might want to hire local guide to help you reach this waterfall. For alternative, Cunca Wulang Waterfall is another yet pristine waterfall you should visit.

  8. Explore Melo Village Labuan Bajo

    things to do in Labuan Bajo; Melo Village @birdunyaumut_
    Melo Villagers (c) @birdunyaumut_

    While you are traveling, the scenic panorama is not the only thing you should expect. Get the fullest experience while traveling by learning about the local life. Melo Village Labuan Bajo is where you can get to know better about the life of the Manggarai. While you are there, prepare a little money (about 1 million rupiahs) to get invited to the traditional ceremony. Here, you will experience sipping sopi, the local palm wine, and enjoying Caci performance, which is very important in Manggaraian culture. Located around 10,5 miles out of town, you can either hire a scooter or hail local motorbike taxi to get there. Besides the unique local life, the picturesque view is another charm of this village.

  9. Move to Mesa Village Labuan Bajo

    things to do in Labuan Bajo; Mesa Villagers @lakshmisharath
    Mesa Villagers (c) @lakshmisharath

    Another yet interesting village to discover is Mesa Village. With its uniqueness, stopping by Mesa Village Labuan Bajo will not do you wrong. Only about 1,500 ‘sea gypsies’ live in this small seaside village. Mesa Village nestles in Mesa Island, around 15 km across from Labuan Bajo. What is unique about this village is the fact that they don’t have any fresh water. The villagers avoid to store freshwater because it will attract mosquitoes. Interesting, isn’t it?

  10. Enjoy Labuan Bajo Nightlife

    things to do in Labuan Bajo; Paradise Bar @christinesatrio
    Paradise Bar @christinesatrio

    After an enjoyable exploration during the day, prepare yourself for Labuan Bajo nightlife. Start with a refreshing drink at Paradise Bar by the bay. As it has a stunning sunset vista, this bar is easily packed with tourists by the end of the day. A chilling ambiance, accompanied by live music, is perfect for starting your night. For dinner, some grilled fish and seafood will be great to enjoy in the fishing town. As you know, this small seaside town is also the center of fish market in the region. So, munching fresh fish here is definitely a must. Fill up your belly before taking some rests and regaining energy for the next exploration.

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