What to see in Bali? This is the first thing that probably crosses in your mind. Every tourist that comes in the Land of Deities might get confused about what to see and do in Bali, since there are numerous amusing activities in here. Well, are you curious about the things that you can do in Bali? Then here’s a list for you, and be ready to have an unforgettable trip ever!

  1. Bless Your Soul at Tirta Empul

    What to See in Bali; Tirta Empul
    Tirta Empul by @gabblesgram

    You might seek for what to see in Bali, that able to cleanse your soul. Then, the place that you must visit is Tirta Empul. This place is a sacred Hindu temple in the land, where you can find cleansing bathing pools. For centuries, locals believe that the spring water in this temple is able to sweep away your sins and any bad things. Moreover, you can try to meditate under the waterspouts of Tirta Empul. Whether your sins are gone or not, it depends on your belief.

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  2. Monkey Forest, Where You can Freely Interact with Groups of Monkeys

    What to See in Bali; Monkey Forest
    Monkey Forest by @alenka__marchenko

    There are some rainforests in Bali where thousand of monkeys live on. However, the most popular one is Ubud Monkey Forest. There are a dozen groups of monkeys that live peacefully here. You can simply find lots of long-tailed monkeys once you walk through the rainforest. Whereas, you’re not allowed to give random food like snacks to the monkeys. If you want to feed them, buy some bananas at the entrance gate.

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  3. Go Try to Challenge Ayung River Stream

    What to See in Bali; Ayung River
    Ayung River by @fatmayatouji

    The longest river in Bali is Ayung River. Moreover, this long river is the playground for extreme sport challengers! Rafting in Ayung River is what to see in Bali that you mustn’t miss. Pump your adrenaline through rafting in this river, and see how far you can handle the challenge! The greenery panorama along the Ayung River will definitely increase the pleasure.

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  4. Get the Best Hidden Gems through Waterfalls Hunting

    What to See in Bali; Aling Aling Waterfall
    Aling Aling Waterfall by @rennon_kiefer

    Beneath the greenery lush of Bali, you can find numerous natural gems! Waterfalls in this land are ready to please your eyes with their charms. Moreover, at some cascades, you can jump then dive in the chilling yet refreshing river! Each of the waterfalls in Bali shows different attractiveness, so even though you get a full day waterfalls tour, you’ll get different kinds of experiences.

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  5. Swing in Front of the Rainforest

    What to See in Bali; Bali Swing
    Bali Swing by @agneswei_wei

    Besides waterfalls, there are some resorts that lay right before the greenery that you must visit. What kind of attractions that you can get here then? Several resorts provide some huge swings that let their guests. Through the swings, you can get the bird’s-eye view in a fun way! Just chill out because all the safety equipment at the swings will guarantee your safety.

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  6. Walk through the Time Machine at Ubud Palace

    What to See in Bali; Ubud Palace
    Ubud Palace by @aleksandranajda

    Even though Bali has countless modern places all over the land, you may spot some of the traditional vibes there! Moreover, if you want to take a look at the ancient Bali, you might find it through Ubud Palace. The palace location is nearby the Ubud Art Market and various modern attractions. On the other hand, once you walk down into the Ubud Palace area, you’ll feel the unique vibe of the ancient kingdom of Ubud.

  7. Impersonate Liz Gilbert at Tegalalang Rice Terraces

    What to See in Bali; Tegalalang Rice Terraces
    Tegalalang Rice Terraces by @dianakubasova

    One of the movie sets of Eat Pray Love is Tegalalang Rice Terraces. Long before the movie, this area has been popular among tourists due to its unique landscape. The rice fields in this village were somehow arranged like terraces, in order to hold the slump. Moreover, this unique design has withstood for centuries yet still manage to show its attractiveness.

  8. Buy the Best Souvenirs in Ubud Art Market

    What to See in Bali; Ubud Art Market
    Ubud Art Market by @sofiapozuelo

    You just need to walk for a few minutes to reach Ubud Art Market from Ubud Palace. What to see in Bali at this market then? If you’re looking for affordable yet unique souvenirs to bring back home, this place is the answer. Moreover, you can find various kind of souvenirs, from cute traditional keychains until magnificent oil paintings! On the other hand, numerous traditional fabrics and local-designed T-shirts are available in Ubud Art Market as well.

  9. Campuhan Ridge Walk

    What to See in Bali; Campuhan Ridge Walk
    Campuhan Ridge Walk by @janes_wonderworld

    The best activity when the morning still fresh might be exercising. There are some simple sports that you can do around the house, but hold on still till you come to Campuhan Ridge Walk. The place is where you can do regular jogging yet magnificent panorama will accompany you along!  

  10. Take a Cooking Class

    What to See in Bali; Cooking Class
    Cooking Class by @__danica92__

    You might be wondering, how come Indonesian food be so much delicious. While you’re in Bali, why don’t you take a cooking class especially for traditional Indonesian food? Moreover, you’ll get to know, how to prepare the ingredients, cook them into a delicious dish, then serve it. Even in particular cooking class, you’ll get a traditional market tour as well!

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  11. Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach, Tanah Lot, Triple Pleasure for Coast Enthusiasts

    What to See in Bali; Kuta Beach
    Kuta Beach by @hel_ski

    Beaches in Bali that you must visit are Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach and Tanah Lot. Well, we can practically say them as beach treasures in Bali that always full of crowds. Kuta and Seminyak Beach are beaches where sunset enthusiasts and wave challengers gather around. While Tanah Lot is the beach where sunset panorama blends perfectly with the majestic silhouette of the Sea Temple.  

  12. Waterbom Bali

    What to See in Bali; Waterbom Bali
    Waterbom Bali by @j_hyun.ee

    What to see in Bali if you’re craving for waterpark? Then you should go to the hottest waterpark on the island, Waterbom Bali. For your information guys, this waterpark is the best in Asia! Since Watebom Bali has this title, its water rides are undebatable. You can soar at the lazy river, after pumping your heart at several extreme water rides!

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  13. Seafood Feast at Jimbaran Bay

    What to See in Bali; Jimbaran Seafood
    Jimbaran Seafood by @lina.germanyblog

    Then what to see in Bali for seafood lovers? There is a place where many fresh seafood dishes will satisfy your tummy! Seafood dishes in this area are beyond perfect. Moreover, you can enjoy them with any kind of cooking style! You can either get Indonesian seafood dishes or enjoy your dishes in the simple western herbs. Furthermore, if you want to impress your lovers, having romantic dinner in Jimbaran Bay is highly recommended!

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  14. Dream Museum Zone Bali

    What to See in Bali; Dream Museum Zone Bali
    Dream Museum Zone Bali by @mycurlyadventures_

    If you want to have unique and unusual pictures, you can take some of them at Dream Museum Zone Bali. This place has several rooms, where you can take the pictures with an artistic and unique backdrop. Moreover, you can suddenly jump into the dinosaurs’ world, or walking through the lava river!

  15. Watching Cultural Show

    What to See in Bali; Devdan Show
    Devdan Show by @devdanshow

    One of the mandatory activity on what to see in Bali is watching a cultural show. There are some temples that hold this kind of performance every evening. They are commonly performing Kecak Dance. However, if you want something more than a dancing show, you can visit the Devdan Show in Nusa Dua. this place holds a cultural performance, that shows how Indonesian culture is.

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  16. Watersport at Tanjung Benoa

    What to See in Bali; Tanjung Benoa Watersport
    Tanjung Benoa Watersport by @ihyamujtamaa

    Trying watersport might be your most memorable activity in Bali. In Tanjung Benoa, you can simply find any kinds of watersport, from the easiest one until the extreme ride! Moreover, the most favorite water sport in here is Banana Boat, which is a float-like-banana that pulled by the jet ski. Then, for the extreme one, you must try the Flyboard.

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  17. Give a Brief Visit at Bali Memorial

    What to See in Bali; Bali Memorial
    Bali Memorial by @zaimiii

    In 2002, Bali got bombed by a bunch of terrorists. Due to the bomb attacked, a hundred more victims lost their lives. To respect the victims, Bali Government made a memorial for the bombing victims. You can see the names of the victims in the wall of Bali Memorial. Furthermore, you can put some flowers or pray for them here.

  18. Get Closer with the Wilds in Bali Safari and Marine Park

    What to See in Bali; Bali Safari and Marine Park
    Bali Safari and Marine Park by @balisafari

    There will be nothing compared with the safari trip to the zoo. Bali Safari and Marine Park offers the best safari trip around the zoo, with a unique concept. You’ll get to wander around by a modified-safari, and get closer interaction with the wild animals. This place provides dining with animals packages as well. Moreover, you can have your breakfast with Orang Utan, or savor your dinner near the elephants!

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  19. Hop on the Luxury Cruises

    What to See in Bali; Bali Hai Cruise
    Bali Hai Cruise by @balihaicruises_

    What to see in Bali? Definitely its amazing ocean scenery! Hop on the cruises on this island, and you’ll get a closer panorama of the Balinese open ocean. Moreover, some of the cruises provide traditional village visit, as well as some interesting watersports that you can try! Furthermore, your trip will be more perfect with dinner service from the cruise, if you have it with your loved one.

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  20. Chocolate Making to Sweeten Your Holiday

    What to See in Bali; Chocolate Making
    Chocolate Making by @podchocolate

    Chocolate is indeed the best food in the world that will heal your soul. When you’re in Bali, spare your time to join a chocolate making class. Moreover, you’ll get to know the varieties of chocolate, how to make it into delicious chocolate products until the beneficial side of chocolate. Then, you’re able to take your chocolate creation home.

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  21. Visit the First Indonesian Wine Production Company through Winery Tour

    What to See in Bali; Winery Tour
    Winery Tour by @sababaywinery

    Years ago, finding local wine might be difficult (besides the locals alcohol beverages). However, recently you’re able to try Indonesian signature wine in Sababay Winery. Moreover, everyone who curious about the winemaking process, this place provides a winery tour as well.

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  22. Visit Unique Balinese Villages

    What to See in Bali; Penglipuran Village
    Penglipuran Village by @gratiamikha

    Bali has several unique villages that might be nowhere to be found. The most iconic traditional village in the land is Terunyan Village. Locals in this village don’t take the common Hindu funeral. They put the body near the sacred tree instead! The interesting thing is, you won’t smell any rotten odor from the deceased body! Another interesting village is Penglipuran Village, where you won’t see any unpleasant things like rubbish or pollution!  

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  23. Snorkeling and Diving Experiences

    What to See in Bali; Bali Snorkeling
    Bali Snorkeling by @brandonverdura

    Balinese underwater world is one of the best attractions on this island. Menjangan Island, Nusa Penida and Lovina Beach, are the best snorkeling and diving spots in Bali. Moreover, you can see lots of cute fish there, along with beautiful corals! If you’re lucky enough, you can spot some incredible animals like dolphins and manta rays!

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  24. Dip Yourself at Natural Hot Springs

    What to See in Bali; Batur Natural Hot Spring
    Batur Natural Hot Spring by @vjiadyiiika

    Common things that usually done by tourist after having a long tiring trip are taking spa or massage. However, try to take different healing activity in order to get a different experience in Bali. There are several hot springs spread all over the land. Visit one or two of them, and get such different experience of the healing session. Moreover, you don’t need to pay so much to get this natural healing thing!

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  25. Visit Various Museums in Bali

    What to See in Bali; Braja Shandi Monument
    Braja Shandi Monument by @rossianwari

    In order to know more about some places, you need to visit their museums. That’s why museums in Bali must be listed on your Balinese itinerary. Museums in Bali are mostly art museums, where many different artworks displayed beautifully to satisfy their guests. However, you can visit the Braja Sandhi Monument. This place is where people able to take a look at the Balinese people struggles before the independence of Indonesia. There are an exhibition hall, dioramas, and a library, where you can find the history of the land of Bali.    

  26. Get Out from Your Comfort Zone and Try the Culinary Tour

    What to See in Bali; Bali Cuisines
    Bali Cuisines by @bibikgourmand

    Each country and city has its own uniqueness. You can it through the city or country architectures, culture even its culinary. Indonesia, especially Bali, is well-known for its culinary diversities. Moreover, you can find many interesting traditional cuisines in Bali, that you can’t find anywhere else. Dare to try Lawar Bali? This dish is a Bali version of a salad, which is a vegetable mix with grated coconut, beef/pork meat, and even blood! However, the most favorite traditional Balinese cuisine is babi guling, roasted pork that has crunchy skin yet tender meat.  

  27. Trekking to the Holy Mount Agung

    What to See in Bali; Sunrise in Mount Agung
    Sunrise in Mount Agung by @mattybouuyyy

    The last but not the least things on what to see in Bali is trekking. Bali has two favorite trekking spots; Mount Batur and Mount Agung, however, the top list is Mount Agung. The best show that you can see after trekking in Mount Agung is either sunrise or sunset panorama. There is nothing else that will beat the beauty of sunrise or sunset show from the peak of the Sacred Mount Agung! (Ty)

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