Make sure you acknowledge the Bali weather first, before coming to this magnificent island. Gathering up lots of information about the place that you’ll visit, will absolutely help you a lot. Among those things, weather and climate are essential. Indonesia is a tropical island, where almost every year this country poured by the sunlight. Since Bali is part of this beautiful archipelago country, no wonder this island has a warm temperature. Moreover, the tropical climate is best for sunbathing or any beach activity! However, you still need to know more about Bali weather, especially the specific time on when the best time to spend your time here, rainy season, up to the hottest day.

  1. More about Bali Weather

    Bali Weather; Cloudy Bali
    Cloudy Bali by @bulebaliyan

    Most of the tropical countries own two major seasons; dry and rainy seasons. These things also implied in Bali weather. however, between the seasons you can find some moment when the sun isn’t shining that bright and the weather is just perfect to wander around in Bali. Then, when the dry season starts, as well as the rainy season? When you’re taking a look at the Bali weather, the dry season starts from April and end in September. Among that period, Bali will get lots of sunlight and the temperature will rise up. Moreover, the average temperature in the dry season would be around 31 degrees Celsius.

    The rest of the months are the time when the rain pouring almost every day. On the last day of September, the Bali weather will start to change step by step. The cloudy will start to come and go. When you’ve seen these phenomena, better for you to set up an umbrella, raincoat, and some warm clothes. The rainy season will last from October till March. Together with the rainy season, the average temperature will drop until around 23 degrees Celsius. However, there are some moments that the dry season isn’t that hot or the rain will take a brief break on the rainy season.

  2. Best Things to Do in Bali in the Dry Season

    As mentioned before, the sun will continuously pour the Bali area on the daylight around April until October. Between these months, you can do various kinds of activities, both indoor or outdoor. If you’re deciding to get some outside activities, you can choose water-related activities or chilling places. Spend your day in Waterbom Bali, where you can try various water ride from any level! Furthermore, you can relax your body in a float then let the stream soar you around the Lazy River in this best waterpark in Asia!

    Bali Weather; Waterbom Bali
    Waterbom Bali by @waterbombali

    Longing for something more challenging? Numerous water sports in Tanjung Benoa are more than just ready to pump your adrenaline. Speed up in the ocean through Jet Ski and feel the thrilling sensation of ocean racing here, or you can fly up high with Flyboard! Moreover, to strengthen your friendship or family bond, Flying Donut and Banana Boat will make it happen. On the other hand, Ayung River provides challenging activity as well! Hop on the rafting boat and get the heart-dropping sensation when you’re rafting in the Balinese longest river!

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  3. Transition Months, the Best Time for Wandering Around Bali

    Bali Weather; Monkey Forest Bali
    Monkey Forest Bali [email protected]_slack

    Not every day is a rainy day in the rainy season, nor in the dry season. There are some moments that you can enjoy such humid weather! The temperature isn’t too hot or freezing, which is perfect for a long trip. June and August are the perfect months for this. You can take a one-day tour to witness the beauty of Bali, or bring your kids to the zoo. Around that time, Bali weather is just windy, with less sunlight but not that wet. That’s why taking a long trip at these months will avoid your skin from the sunburn, or comfortable enough for kids.

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  4. Best Activities to Do when the Rain Starts to Work out

    The rainy season on Bali weather for some people might not their favorite. The rain will pour all day long, freezing and wet. Well, outdoor activities might be complicated because you need to wear a raincoat or use an umbrella. Why don’t you take a spa and massage package? The Bali weather is just perfect to lazy around, so you can add your relaxing time with massage service! Some of the resorts offer spa and massage package for their guests. However, you can ask for in house spa and massage to come to your place! Moreover, you must try the Balinese of Javanese traditional massage. Both of the srub and massage technique have been passed down for centuries.

    Bali Weather; Ketuts Bali Cooking Class
    Ketuts Bali Cooking Class by @balvasilona

    Besides taking massage, you can wait a bit longer till the rain stops and visit several classes. You can make your own silver jewelry by attending a class in a silver jewelry workshop. You’ll get to know the steps of making pretty silver jewelry, then take your works home! Or if you’re curious about Indonesian and Balinese traditional cuisines, you can join with cooking class. Some of the cooking classes offer a complete as well, which let their student know the process from buying the ingredients in the market, until serving it!

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  5. What is the Best Time to Visit Bali?

    Bali Weather; New Year in Bali
    New Year in Bali by @kudetabali

    Besides Bali weather (dry and rainy), you must know the best time to visit this island. For the whole year, there are some specific months when the huge amount of tourists start to come to Bali. June to August is the high season. Around these months, most of the tourism attractions might be full of visitors both locals and internationals. Then if serene is what you’re looking for, then come to Bali outside those months.

    Moreover, the peak season is what you need to avoid as well. If you want to spend your Christmas or New Year day in Bali, then be ready to book everything early enough. Then, what is the best time to visit? Better for you to come before June or after August. There will be few tourists here, so you can get a rather peaceful vibe. Furthermore, Idul Fitri is the time when Bali has fewer human than vehicles. (Ty) is part of PT. Korina Prima Sinergi

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