While you’re in the Land of Deities, try out dipping yourself in hot spring in Bali. Having fun with water activities doesn’t mean you need to go to the beach or water park. Bali has several hot springs that are not just amusing but also good for your health. You can find them mostly near the Batur lake or beneath the greenery lush. You can try out them if you feel like you’re worn out, and need something refreshing to recharge your energy. Besides the good side for healthiness, those hot spring in Bali are amazingly gorgeous!

You can imagine it already, how great your bathing time is in there. Moreover, the wide clear nature attraction will accompany your bathing time! There might be nothing can beat this relaxing combination. Then, here’s a list of hot spring in Bali pals. Don’t ever forget to visit, at least one of them.

  1. Angseri Hot Springs

    Hot Spring in Bali; Angseri Hot Springs
    Angseri Hot Springs by @21fella_kurniawan

    Angseri Hot Springs or local say it as Air Panas Angseri, is one of the best hot spring in Bali. You can reach this hot spring beneath the highland of humble village Baturiti in Tabanan. Before you get to dip your body, you’ll witness some of the locals do their daily activities here. You might spot local farmers come to their rice fields, then plant the paddy or harvest it. Moreover, you’ll get a magnificent view when the harvesting time begin! The fields will turn into golden yellow, while the farmers are happily harvesting the paddy. Then, after passing the paddy field you’ll walk through the little forest to get to Angseri Hot Springs.

    The hot spring is managed by the local administrator. This hot spring has managed by the locals start from 2007. Since that year, Angseri Hot Springs has complete facilities such as fresh water shower, food stalls, parking lots and toilets. Furthermore, the income will help to improve the locals’ facilities and everything. There are two options that you can choose, to enjoy the hot spring. The first one is dipping down at the public hot spring pool, then the second option would be getting a private pool. Moreover, the last option is suitable for a family. You can soak together with your family members or friends, in a private pool. The pool fits till 5 people in one go. Enjoy your relaxing healing time here, as well as pleasing greenery scenery.

    Angseri Hot Springs

    Location: Angseri, Bangli, Baturiti, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 82191

  2. Batur Natural Hot Springs, Toya Bungkah

    Hot Spring in Bali; Toya Bungkah Batur Natural Hot Springs
    Toya Bungkah Batur Natural Hot Springs by @briannablok

    When you’re exploring the northern area of Bali, don’t forget to stopover in Batur Natural Hot Springs, Toya Bungkah. This place is rather secluded than the following hot springs in Batur. However, this hot spring gives almost the same amusing attraction! Toya Bungkah takes place just right beside the famous and the biggest lake in the land, Batur Lake. Besides the lake, you can spot one of the great volcanos in Bali, Mount Batur here! Then, you can picture it already the natural scenery that you’ll see if you come to Toya Bungkah.

    The spring has several pools for the guests to take a bath. Each of the pools has specific characteristics that bring different impacts. One of them is a mineral pool that has 40 Celcius degrees for its temperature. The pool is likewise good for the human body. Moreover, if you want to dip as well as mesmerize the nature panorama, a lakeside pool will be a good place for you. The scenery that visitors get here is jaw-dropping! It’s better for you to look up into the forecast first, since you’ll get almost nothing if the cloudy comes along. This hot spring in Bali has quite complete facilities, from shower rooms up to a restaurant. The dining place near Toya Bungkah offers various yummy menus, such as freshwater fish grill dishes.

    Batur Natural Hot Springs, Toya Bungkah

    Location: Yoya Bungkah, Kintamani Bangli

    Operational Hours: Open Daily from 7 AM till 7 PM

    Phone: +62 813 3863 3519

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  3. Toya Devasya Hot Springs

    If you want to stay a little bit longer near the Batur Lake, you can book a room in Toya Devasya Hot Springs. Well, it is not like you’re literally staying nearby the hot spring pool, but you’ll get to sleep in the resort. Toya Devasya Hot Springs is an amazing resort that owns many amusing things. The location of the resort is just right beside Batur natural Hot Spring, yet it has several more facilities that you cannot get in Batur Natural Hot Springs. Then, once you book a room here, you can get limitless access to the hot spring pools, even day by day natural backdrop. However, you need to pay a bit higher to get in here. Well, its a dime a dozen if you want to get a perfect holiday isn’t?

    Hot Spring in Bali; Toya Devasya Hot Springs
    Toya Devasya Hot Springs by @justleavemethere

    Similar to its neighborhood hot spring, Toya Devasya Hot Springs let their guests enjoying the warming sensation of hot spring water as well as the breath-taking Mount Batur scenery. On the other hand, when you’ve done bathing in the hot spring pool, you can easily grab a beverage or fill your tummy up. Toya Devasya Hot Springs provides a poolside bar in order to make their guests easily grab their food and drink. Besides the poolside bar, you can get some haling activities like spa or massage. When you’re traveling with your younger one, this hot spring in Bali provides a baby pool, with some water slides, to make your children be happier.   

    Toya Devasya Hot Springs

    Location: Central Batur, Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali

    Operational Hours: Open Daily from 7 AM till 7 PM

    Phone: +62 3665 1204

  4. Hot Springs of Belulang

    The next hot spring in Bali is in Tabanan. When you walk into the village, you can directly feel the thick rural atmosphere, that will make you feel warm and calm. If you’re looking for solitude vibe with none will bother you around, Hot Springs of Belulang will grant your wish. Since it lays behind the local village, you can bet for its serene. The only thing that you might hear in here the birds chirping and the locals’ chatting. Well, plus a little bit of noise from the vehicle voices. However, you still get to relax in a quiet ambiance here.

    Hot Spring in bali; Belulang Hot Spring
    Belulang Hot Spring by @thisisjacey

    If the previous hot spring in Bali takes place nearby the open nature, then you’ll find something more unique in Belulang. The pool is inside the village temple, Pura Batu Panes. That’s why you’ll get way more different scenery in Hot Springs of Balulang. When you’re about to come here, make sure you dress politely. Moreover, don’t make any loud voice, even harsh words! Just go straightly to the hot spring pool, then enjoy your bathing time. Furthermore, you’ll get a double calming moment here; from the relaxing hot spring water, and the serene vibe of the temple. Even though the common hot springs have a strong smell of sulfur, in Hot Spring of Belulang you won’t smell that kind of thing!

    Hot Springs of Belulang

    Location: Mengesta, Penebel, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 82152

    Operational Hours: Open Daily for 24 hours

    Phone: +62 8214 5934 777

  5. Penatahan Hot Springs

    Hot Spring in Bali; Penatahan Hot Springs
    Penatahan Hot Springs by @mary_smit

    Not far from Hot Spring of Belulang, you can drop by to another hot spring in Bali. Penatahan Hot Springs is an affordable place to relax yet has incredible scenery around it. Compare to the rest of the hot spring in Bali, this place might have the most natural scenery. You can reach Penatahan Hot Springs, or locals named it as Yeh Panes, in the humble rural place, Penatahan Village in Tabanan. This place is just 13 km away from the central town of Tabanan. Moreover, better for you to rent a car with a driver to take you there. Before enjoying the warmness of hot spring water, you may enjoy the natural scenery of Penatahan Village. Please your eyes with the rural scenery, that you might not find it back on your own place.

    Penatahan Hot Springs is well managed by the locals. Even though it has such complete facilities, you don’t need to pay a lot to walk in the hot spring area. Just like any other hot spring in Bali, Penatahan Hot Springs has sulphuric water that is good for your skin. Let the water di its job on reducing your skin problems! While enjoying the water, don’t forget your surrounding. To break the ice, greenery is amusing enough to make your stress floats away! Moreover, nearby Penatahan Hot Springs, you can take a brief visit to the village temple, Batukara Temple.

    Penatahan Hot Springs

    Location: Penatahan Village, Penebel, Tabanan Bali

    Operational Hours: Open Daily from 7 AM till 8 PM

  6. Banyuwedang Hot Springs

    If you’re deciding to stay and explore more about the northern area of Bali, you’ve made a wise choice. Even though the north area isn’t as hustling as the south one, this thing might be the plus point of North Bali. Moreover, you can either take a one-day trip package or just wander around to find something new here. Done with exploring activity, your body might be worn out and need to recover. Well, grabbing some food might recharge your energy, but your tense might stay still. You can take some healing options, in order to refresh your body. If you love spa and massage, you can find lots of places that offer this package. However, let’s try something more natural.

    Hot Spring in Bali; Banyuwedang Hot Springs
    Banyuwedang Hot Springs by @emmarevyn

    Let’s go ahead to a refreshing natural hot spring in Bali, Banyuwedang Hot Springs. This place becomes one of the most favorite stopovers in North Bali. Practically, you can get a healing activity yet affordable! Moreover, the scenery of Banyuwedang Hot Springs is nowhere to be found! While dipping in the hot spring pool, you’ll get to see the wide view of West Bali National Park’s bay. Besides this view, you can please your eyes with the mangrove forest near the bay. The spring water is around 40 degrees. This thing is quite good for therapy purpose, as well as a healing thing. Likewise, Banyuwedang Hot Springs water has sulphuric content that is good for your skin.

    Banyuwedang Hot Springs

    Location: Pejarakan, Gerokgak, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81155,

    Operational Hours: Open Daily from 7 AM till 9 PM

    Phone: +62 2341 8750 70

  7. Banjar Hot Springs

    Hot Spring in Bali; Banjar Hot Springs
    Banjar Hot Springs by @banjarhotspring

    The last but not the least hot spring in Bali might be the most popular one. The hot spring lays behind the bustling area of Buleleng, where you can find numerous interesting things here. Banjar Hot Springs is well-known as most-visited hot spring in the land, as well as the sacred hot spring in Bali. Even locals believe that the hot spring water in here can heal some illness. Well, if we take a look at the sulfur content and the temperature of the water, what the locals believe on might be true in several cases. If you have some skin problems, sulphuric water might help you reduce your problems. Besides helping skin issues, Banjar Hot Springs water may reduce your muscle tense.

    After walking around the land, your body muscles might be stiff like a log. Then you can try to relax them while dipping on the hot spring water. Moreover, you can please your eyes as well, since greeneries are all around Banjar Hot Springs. This place has some waterspouts that will give a natural massage! Banjar Hot Springs has a unique ancient appearance since this place built centuries ago. However, you don’t need to worry because you can find some modern facilities here. Getting hungry after taking a healing bath in the pool? Some food stalls and restaurants are more than just ready to serve their best dishes for you. Toilets, changing rooms and shower rooms are available as well! So, just rest assure and give yourself a reward by taking a bath in here (Ty)

    Banjar Hot Springs

    Location: Jalan Banjar, Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152

    Phone: +62 362 92901

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