Speaking about things to do in Surabaya could be something that will never pop up in your mind before. Surabaya is the second-largest city in Indonesia. This city is popular among domestic tourists. Besides, International travelers also come here mainly for business purpose and as a stop-over to continue to other East Java cities.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t stop at many interesting places in the city. If this is your first time coming to the city for a few days’ vacation, here are the 10 things to do in Surabaya:

  1. Cheng Hoo Mosque, where Two Different Cultures Become One

    Cheng Hoo Mosque - IG @kentlimx
    Cheng Hoo Mosque – IG @kentlimx

    Surabaya is the city where its citizens are Moslems. In this city, you can find a unique place namely Cheng Hoo Mosque. This mosque is a bit different from other mosques because of its design. The mosque resembles Chinese design outlook. So, when you see it for the first time you can say it’s a temple or pagoda, but actually, it’s a mosque where the Moslems come for praying. You can even spot many Arabic calligraphy written in Chinese style. That’s why Cheng Hoo Mosque become a symbol of peace.

    Address: Jl. Gading No.2, Ketabang, Kec. Genteng, Surabaya City, East Java 60272

  2. Lip-Smacking Local Foods at Pasar Atom

    Pasar Atom
    Lontong mie Ny. Marlie Pasar Atom @nina_epicura

    Experience the local culture by their traditional foods. In this market, you will find a lot of traditional food sellers who sell various kinds of traditional dishes. Besides, they also sell classic Indonesian snacks and kueh too. A right place for food lovers!

    You might be familiar with mainstream Indonesian food, such as nasi goreng and soto. However, you should try regional dishes too. Lontong mie is the iconic food of Surabaya, and one of the most famous food stall is “Lontong mie Ny. Maria” located on the second floor of Pasar Atom. The dish consists of a black soup (made from terasi or shrimp paste, mixed with shrimp stock, and mashed garlic), yellow noodle, shrimps, and fried tofu.

    Address: Jl. Bunguran No.45, Bongkaran, Kec. Pabean Cantian, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60161

  3. House of Sampoerna, the Museum of Tobacco

    House of Sampoerna - IG @fikriarfandia
    House of Sampoerna – IG @fikriarfandia

    Another top tourist attraction in Surabaya called House of Sampoerna. This one is a tobacco museum and designed in colonial-style architecture. The museum will take you to learn more about the history of tobacco (kretek) and cigarettes in Indonesia. You will know about the process of making the cigarettes from time to time and the rich Sampoerna family. Even you can spot the luxury Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 1972 owned by the family in the house!

    Address: Taman Sampoerna No.6, Krembangan Utara, Kec. Pabean Cantian, Surabaya City, East Java 60163
    Opening Hours: Daily, 9 AM – 6 PM

  4. Old Town at Karet Street, See Lot of Ancient Mansions

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    Walking along Karet Street area, and feel the charm of old town in Surabaya. Here, you can see lot of elegant colonial-style mansions. This area preserved old city atmosphere, it is also home to interesting spot for photography. That’s why this place become popular locations for pre-wedding photo section. Furthermore, not only professional photographers who take the pictures here, but also the young people. 

    Address: Gula Street – Karet Street, Bongkaran, Pabean Cantian, Surabaya, East Java 60161

  5. Surabaya Chinatown, the Right Destination to Discover Local Culture

    Surabaya Chinatown - IG @arrif.m
    Surabaya Chinatown – IG @arrif.m

    Each country and each city in this world will always have the Chinatown within. Still in Karet Street area, Surabaya also has China Town which is popular with the name Kya-Kya Surabaya. Kya-Kya means strolling around. This place is also the best one if you want to discover the true local wisdom. A lot of festivals happen in Kya-Kya Surabaya. Go try your luck, you might come when Shanghai Night, Mystical Night, or Dancing in The Street Festival happens.

    Address: Kembang Jepun Street, Bongkaran, Pabean Cantian, Surabaya City, East Java 60161

  6. Majapahit Hotel - A Place that Can Take You to The Old Time

    Majapahit Hotel - IG @lutfi__man
    Majapahit Hotel – IG @lutfi__man

    Let’s rewind the time when you can feel the old Surabaya. Majapahit Hotel is one of the landmarks which was built in 1910. Designed with the vintage colonial style and surrounded by the green gardens, Majapahit Hotel has become the must-visit place in Surabaya. This hotel is recommended for those who want to enjoy the finest afternoon tea in the buzzing city. Some delicacies are also well-served for your afternoon tea companions such as cakes, sandwiches, and finger foods.

    Address: Tunjungan St No.65, Genteng, Surabaya City, East Java 60275

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  7. Pantai Ria Kenjeran to Enjoy Your Finest Leisure Time

    source: tripadvisor

    Pantai in English means beach. Pantai Ria Kenjeran or Ria Kenjeran Beach is the only beach that you can find in Surabaya. However, don’t ever think that this beach will give you the same experience when you go to the beach in Bali. The view might not as spectacular as Bali has. But Ria Kenjeran Beach is good if you want to stroll around in the late afternoon. The waves are not big and the wind is not too strong. Perfect to enjoy your leisure time at the end of the day.

    Address: Jl. Pantai Kenjeran No.1-6, Kenjeran, Kec. Bulak, Surabaya City, East Java 60123

  8. Sanggar Agung Temple, a spot for Majestic Selfie

    Sanggar Agung Temple - IG @gigihprayogo_
    Sanggar Agung Temple – IG @gigihprayogo_

    As the name suggested, this temple is meant to be a place for the Buddhist to pray. The temple is facing the beach and located inside Kenjeran park. Most tourists come here to admire the view, the buildings, and also the dragon gate. The gate with the beach as the backdrop will surely make your photo more dramatic. Feeling hungry? No worry! You can find many food stalls and local restaurant to fill up your tummy before getting into the next place!

    Address: Jl. Sukolilo No. 100, Surabaya, East Java, 60122

  9. Suramadu Bridge, the Local Golden Gate Bridge

    Suramadu Bridge - IG @raissatito
    Suramadu Bridge – IG @raissatito

    Meet the biggest bridge in Indonesia, the Suramadu Bridge! With the length that reaches 5438 meters, the bridge connects the Java Island and Madura Island. When the night comes, the bridge will be wrapped in gold light and makes every eye to stare. If you want to cross the bridge, you have to pay some cost. The cost will be different for every vehicle type. If you use a car, the cost will be IDR 30.000 and IDR 3.000 will be charged to you If you use a motorcycle. Once you start crossing the bridge, you can feel the breeze blows and spectate the wonderful blue Madura Strait!

    Address: Jalan Tol Suramadu, Tambak Wedi, Kenjeran, Surabaya City, East Java 60126

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  10. Monumen Kapal Selam, the Big Submarine in the City!

    Monumen Kapal Selam - IG @ayudiac
    Monumen Kapal Selam – IG @ayudiac

    Can you imagine that there is a monument in the shape of a big submarine located in the heart of the city? Yes, welcome to Monumen Kapal Selam (Surabaya Submarine Monument) or simply say it as “Mokansel”. This submarine was made in Russia in 1952 and was meant to destroy enemies’ ships in 1962. The facilities inside the monument complex are complete. You can enjoy live music, video rama, and even the swimming pool located near to the monument!

    Address: Jl. Pemuda No.39, Embong Kaliasin, Kec. Genteng, Surabaya City, East Java 60277
    Operational Hours: Daily, 8 AM – 9 PM

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