The Best Attraction that You can Find in Bali

We can say that sunset Bali is the best attraction that you can get in the Land of Gods. Along with its cultural and natural diversities, Bali has turned into the best place to spend the holiday for decades. The diversities of tourism attractions make Bali becomes a complete traveling package. Moreover, you can find almost anything that you want in here. 

Wanna find something that will thrill you then pump your adrenaline? Bunches of extreme and adrenaline rushing activities in Bali are more than just ready to make you scream out of your lung. Relaxing and stress relieving activities are spreading all over the land as well. So, for nature enthusiasts, Bali will be your forever heaven in the earth! Every part of this island is precious for nature massive fans. From the deep down the ocean until the peak of the mountain, you can find your own happiness there. 

Just like the theme of this writing, we will find the best sunset show on the island. For newbies, beach might be the one and only place, where you can witness the dusk performance. Coastline, wherever it is, is the best sunset spot ever. The great harmony of scarlet dusk sky and the ocean breeze, has made tons of people impressed. However, hold on and keep on this track to get various places to witness sunset Bali.  

Sunset in Bali
Sunset in Bali by @haylsa

When is the Right Time to Witness the Sunset Show?

Before heading to the sunset Bali spot, better for you to know the exact time of the sunset show. Indonesia has three different time zones; Western, Central and Eastern. Bali gets the Central Standard Time, proximately UTC+08.00 of GMT. Then, better for you to set your watch after arriving in Bali. The sunset Bali begins around 5.30 PM till 6.00 PM. 

Sunset in Nusa Lembongan
Sunset in Nusa Lembongan by @forever_foreigners

Tips and Tricks to Get the Best Sunset View

Everyone wants to take some pictures of sunset Bali. Getting a picture of the twilight panorama is like something like must things to do in Bali. Moreover, if you can’t afford to take even a single picture of sunset Bali, it’s like losing one of the important meaning of traveling. Since sunset Bali, as well as sunrise Bali, won’t last more than 30 minutes, you need some tips (and tricks for sure) to get a perfect sunset show.

  • Set your watch to the local time zone. Make sure your watch or smartphone is already set to the local time. Better to set it right after your plane landed at the airport.
  • Search the local sunset time. As mentioned before, sunset Bali will start around 5.30 PM till 6.00 PM. However, to make sure you can search it online since the time isn’t fixed. 
  • Make sure you’ve chosen the spot that you want long before the sunset time.
  • Better to reach the venue at least 15 minutes before the sunset Bali time. Moreover, once you touch down the venue, hurry up and find your comfort spot.
  • One of the most important things, rent a private car with driver. How could it be necessary? The best way to reach any place in Bali is by using a private vehicle. Moreover, the best person who’ll lead you into the fastest and the right route is the local driver. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Don’t forget your camera guys. You can either use professional cams like DSLR and Polaroid, or smartphone camera.
  • The last and the most important is, post your picture at your Social Media!      


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Sunset Spots All Over the Land

Done with basic information of sunset Bali, let’s move on the places where you can witness the dusk show. Every inch of Bali is practically impressing, however not all of them are the best spots to see sunset Bali. So, to make your sunset hunting be easier, we’ve listed the best spots where you can watch the ultimate twilight panorama: 

  • Kuta Beach

To open up your sunset hunting trip, the one that you must visit sunset Bali spot is Kuta Beach. For a long period of time, this coast has taken the title as the best sunset spot in Bali. Besides its sunset panorama, you’ll get more beneficial things in here. Near the beach, you can easily find some cafes and restaurants. Moreover, a big mall is just right before the Kuta Beach area. However, this beach is a bit crowded compared to the following places. The admission is zero, which means you don’t need to pay anything here. That’s the reason why Kuta Beach always full of crowds. 

Sunset in Kuta Bali
Sunset in Kuta, Bali by @el_stonieo


  • Mount Batur

For someone who loves outdoor activity, let’s try out the sunset scenery from the peak of Mount Batur. Most tourists usually come to this holy mountain to witness the sunrise panorama. So, you can do something a bit different by trekking to Mount Batur to get the sunset show. Moreover, for any of you who is a night owl, this option will save you from waking up early in the morning. Moreover, before you get to see the twilight, you can dip yourself down at the natural hot spring near the mountain. 

  • Jimbaran Bay

One of the reasons why many couples come to Bali is its romantic atmosphere. Moreover, taking your lovely partner to a romantic dinner is everyone dream. So, to get a sunset show plus a yummy romantic dinner, get the package of Jimbaran sunset dinner. You can either take your lover to a romantic candle dinner or eat your dinner privately at a unique gazebo. Moreover, all of them take place at the coastline where you can enjoy the sunset bali show directly. 

Sunset in Jimbaran Bali
Sunset in Jimbaran, Bali by @ivnovish
  • Ubud

Who says Ubud is limited only for cultural things. You can get an amazing sunset panorama with the greeneries as the additional background here! The best spot to witness these two amazing things is at The Sayan House. This restaurant has a strategic location, where the guests are able to enjoy the twilight panorama while savoring their mouth-watering dishes. Moreover, this dining place offers Asian menus that will surely fill your tummy. Then, your dining session will never be this perfect isn’t?

  • Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot sunset is another popular thing that related to sunset Bali. This place is quite unique since you’ll spot an ocean temple (almost) in the middle of the sea. This attraction is impressing at the day, however when the sunset time, you’ll get more jaw-dropping panorama here. The temple complex is overlooking the horizon, so when the sun starts to flip down it will create a majestic silhouette. Get your camera ready guys. 

Sunset in Tanah Lot
Sunset in Tanah Lot, Bali by @eldonxis
  • Pura Luhur Uluwatu

Another sunset temple Bali beside Tanah Lot is Pura Luhur Uluwatu. This temple is slightly different from Tanah Lot, since the location isn’t in the middle of the sea, but at the cliff that faces the open ocean. Then, where is the sunset point Uluwatu? In Pura Luhur Uluwatu, the spot where you can comfortably watch the twilight sightseeing is in the temple’s yard. However, you can get more than just a natural show in Pura Luhur Uluwatu. The locals hold a traditional dance performance (usually Kecak Dance) every evening when the sun starts to set down. Then, what you’ll get here is an artistic traditional dancing with the background of the Indian Ocean and scarlet twilight sky. 

Sunset in Uluwatu Cliff Bali
Sunset in Uluwatu Cliff by @gedenugraha_


  • Rock Bar Bali

Have you heard about Rock Bar Bali? This last sunset Bali spot is known as one of the most impressing sunset spots in the world! Managed by Ayana Resort, Rock Bar is the hipster place where you need to line up to enjoy their amazing cocktails and exclusive sunset panorama. However, this thing won’t make visitors give up to enjoy a sip of cocktails while watching the twilight.

Sunset in Rock Bar Bali
Rock Bar Bali by @rockbarbali is part of PT. Korina Prima Sinergi

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