Bunches of Canggu restaurants are packed with tourists looking for some good meal every day. Canggu is renowned as the eccentric heart of Bali. A place any hipsters, surfers, bikers, and other free-spirited tourists would love. As the hippest town in South Bali, Canggu has a little of everything. This is where you want to go for the best trip in Bali without having to share spaces with too many tourists. Of course, there are plenty of awe-inspiring things to do in Canggu that you must add to your bucket list.

A Line of Best Restaurant in Canggu with Scrumptious Menu

Do you know where to eat in Canggu? To make your great busy days in this bohemian little hideaway perfect, you might wonder where to chow down here. Well, in Canggu, there are a lot of options. Countless of the best restaurants Canggu have been around for years. Yet, they still have ongoing reputation spreading among the foodies in Bali. Tourists are bee-lining eclectic-themed restaurants and cafes for the best dinner in Canggu. This time we are going to present you our list of the best eateries in this town. Here are where to go:

  1. Ji Terrace by THE SEA

    canggu restaurants; Ji Terrace by THE SEA @jirestaurantbali
    Ji Terrace by THE SEA @jirestaurantbali

    As you all know, Canggu is well-known for its outstanding beaches, with incredible waves to challenge. But, that’s not all you can have from its beaches. The stunning vista of the mighty ocean is another charm of Canggu beaches. Ji Restaurant Bali knows this fact just well. Ji Terrace by THE SEA is the upper-floor outdoor area of this Japanese-Indonesian restaurant, situated above Ji at Bale Sutra. From there, you can get a 180-degree view of the sea beyond. Ji Restaurant is very heavily decorated by decorations with not only ancient Balinese and Javanese touches, but also those of Japanese, Indian, and East Asian. This, combined with the lively music and the bohemian spirit of Canggu, will surely give you a unique dining experience. Craving for some Japanese food but still want to enjoy the distinct vibes of Canggu? If so, Ji Restaurant is the best place to choose.

    JI Restaurant Bali
    Open Daily
    Monday – Saturday 4:30 PM – 11:30 PM
    Sunday 11 AM – 11:30 PM
    Address: Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu Beach, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
    Phone: +62 361 4731701

  2. Funky Pancakes

    canggu restaurants; New Pancake Baba Bagus @funkypancakesbali
    New Pancake Baba Bagus @funkypancakesbali

    Calling all pancakes-addicts in-town! Be ready for the new boy in the restaurant business in Canggu! With its rising popularity, a line-up of new restaurants Canggu is growing in number. And, they are more than ready for the rivalry against all other outstanding restaurants already gained popularity. As the name suggests, this pancake haven offers all day vegan-based pancakes with funky vibes of Canggu. If you usually have pancakes for breakfast, here you can have them at any time you want. Their signature pancakes include the Coffee boost, Green machine, The womanizer, Protein snack, and A touch of Dutch. Besides their wholesome pancakes, Funky Pancakes also offer you a cozy little place to hang-out.

    Open Daily 7 AM – 5 PM
    Address: Jl. Padang Linjong No. 80, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351
    Phone: +62 822 3647 3115

  3. Eat&Drink by The Slow

    canggu restaurants; @the.slow.eat.and.drink

    In the same street as where Funky Pancakes Bali recently stands, you can find another best restaurant in Canggu. Just like what it boasts in its name, The Slow Canggu is where you can enjoy your stay without having to worry about how fast time flies. This establishment is only few steps away from the sand of the beach, in Batu Bolong St. no. 97. The coming of the well-known international chef Robbin Holmgren makes their restaurant perfect. Eat&Drink by The Slow blends together the exoticism of Indonesia and Canggu in particular, with the contemporary European style of the chef. The Slow offers a range of menu made of organic local ingredients which are totally recommended. Besides, take your chance to have a sip of their cocktails, which is among the best ones in town!

    All Day Eats 7 AM – 10 PM
    Breakfast 7 AM – 12 PM
    Lunch & Dinner 12 PM – 10 PM
    Drinks 7 AM – 10 PM
    Cocktail 7 AM – Late
    Address: Pantai Batu Bolong Street No.97, Canggu, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361
    Phone: +62 361 2099000

  4. Mason

    canggu restaurants; Saturday Night at Mason. @mason.bali
    Saturday Night at Mason. @mason.bali

    Opened just in late 2018, M. jumps the bandwagon and joins the success of many other popular eateries in Canggu. Mason Canggu offers homemade dishes made by hand and love of their dedicated cooks. They serve their in-house produced menus in a simple way to let their tastes be the main stars. Mason. specializes itself in handling cured meats and wood-fired oven and grill menus. A perfect choice for the best dining experience!

    Open Daily 12 PM – Late
    Address: Pantai Batu Bolong Street No.39a, Canggu, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361
    Website: www.masonbali.com

  5. Ulekan

    canggu restaurants; @ulekanbali

    Ulekan, in Indonesian word means a cooking tool that we use to make sambal (paste of spices). By learning this, you know already what they serve. Ulekan Canggu offers a wide range of Indonesian cuisine from all over the archipelago. Its specialty is of course the spicy sambals which you must try. In addition, they also vegan-friendly, with vegetarian menus best served along with lemongrass iced tea or an ice-cold pineapple coconut granita. Yum!

    What’s more: Enjoy your dinner while you pamper your eyes with the artful Balinese dance performances in Ulekan! This offer is available three times a week, every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, starting from 7 PM.

    Open Daily 11 AM – 10 PM
    Address: Jl. Tegal Sari Jl. Pantai Berawa No.34, Tibubeneng, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
    Phone: +62 813 39211466

  6. Milk & Madu

    canggu restaurants; All Day Breakfast @milkandmadu
    All Day Breakfast @milkandmadu

    Every time you crave for some European meal in Canggu, Milk & Madu is always ready to serve you well. This family cafe in Berawa St. no. 52 is everyone’s favorite. From all-day sumptuous brekky to a delightful pizza night, their menu is never disappointing. Besides their range of delectable dishes, Milk & Madu is also renowned as a family-friendly dining place. Also, their awesome management prepares events and promos to satisfy their coming guests even more. There are a lot of recommended menu of The Madu. For breakfast and brunch (which they serve from 7 AM to 4 PM, by the way), you can try their Buttermilk Pancakes, Huevos Rancheros, or their classic Eggs Benny. Also, their wholesome Mexican salad and Brioche Burgers with Australian beef is a perfect luncheon to fill your tummy up. Oh, and! Their 2-1 pizza for dinner won’t be bad idea either!

    Open Daily
    All-day Breakfasts 7 AM – 3 PM
    Lunch x Pizza starts from 12 PM
    Dinners 5 PM – 10 PM
    Address: Jl. Pantai Berawa No.52, Tibubeneng, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
    Phone: +62 361 9067074

  7. MyWarung Canggu

    canggu restaurants; MyWarung Canggu @alliyahcanta
    MyWarung Canggu @alliyahcanta

    The name MyWarung Canggu may sound very Indonesian, as warung means shop in Indonesian. But, don’t let it fools you. This restaurant is instead serving western-styled menus, with high quality of coffee, wine, smoothies bowl, and grill. If you’re a meat-eater, MyWarung is one of the most recommended restaurants in Canggu. Make sure you try their fancy L’Entrecôte steak and fries. This juicy Australian rib-eye steak with homemade béarnaise sauce and French mustard will surely make your tongue and tummy happy. Besides, it is served together with walnut green salad and French fries. Here, you can finish your meal with a scrumptious, high-quality artisan pastries and desserts from its partner.

    And~ That marks the end of our list of 7 Canggu restaurants to spoil your eyes and tummy. Other than those fancy restaurants, there are also many other best places in Canggu from beaches to cafes. Dining in its beach clubs is another yet fun experience to try and taste. With its eclectic uniqueness, it’s almost impossible to enjoy everything in this lovely coastline town in one go. If you plan to visit this little town, make sure you try some fun activities like surfing, horse riding, and many others. So, make sure you enjoy every second of your leisure time in Canggu. Have a nice holiday! (/YAP)

    Open Daily 11 AM – Late
    Address: Jl. Subak Sari No.80, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
    Phone: +62 82 339 120 880⁣⁣⁣

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