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Hello traveler! Kuta Car Rental is ready to take you to any place in Bali! Everyone always wondering what is the best way to explore every inch of Bali. There are several options that you can choose; public transportation (bus, angkot, and taxi), or you may choose a private rent car in Bali Private Car Rental. Also, you can use Bali Airport Pick Up Service to reach your hotel from he airport.

Bali Car Rental
Bali Car Rental

Some travelers might choose public transportation. They want to feel way closer to the local life. However, you need to consider several things that you might face if you’re using public transportation. Let’s we try to find out what kind of scenario that you’ll face in angkot. Angkot is one of popular public transportation in Indonesia. If you search it on the internet, you’ll find out that lots of cities have this kind of transportation. Local people use it as their daily transportation. No wonder you’ll watch some local people waiting near the street to wait for the angkot.

When you use angkot, means you have to share with other people. You have to wait for the angkot then sit side by side with other passengers in a hot place. Well, usually angkot doesn’t have air conditioner. So you have to endure with the hot temperature. Moreover, angkot in Bali (especially in Kuta) is not as much as other cities, so you have to wait for a long time. To reduce you inefficient time, rent car Kuta Bali will help you to reach everywhere you like. Bali Private Car Rental provides you with cars full of AC and of course, none will sit beside you except your trip partner. No more waiting, no more wasting time! Isn’t it great?

How about the bus? Firstly, the bus has wider space then it has air conditioner and fixed schedule. “Well, I’ll take the bus then.” Woo, wait until you face the unpleasant thing. The bus might be great. It has almost everything about comfort and tidiness, nevertheless, you can’t stop at everywhere you like. The bus stops are all beside the main street and each of them has a great distance. You need to stop at the right point near your destination then walk long to the place. For example, you want to go to Elephant Safari Ride in Denpasar. You have to find out the nearest bus top near this place then, walk to the destination. Isn’t tiring? Rental car Denpasar will bring you right in front of the place.

After Denpasar, you might want to go to a further place like Nusa Dua. Then rent car Nusa Dua Bali will be your best companion. As we discussed before, if you want to have public transportation as your main transportation, your time, money and energy will be wasted. Let’s we discuss the last public transportation, taxi. Taxi is way more private than bus and angkot. However, you need to pay lots than bus or angkot. The rate will depend on how far that will you go. Right after you arrive at your place, the taxi will leave. When you’re about to go to another place, you need to find another taxi. This is so complicated.

Using a rented car from Bali Private Car Rental will definitely save your money. Once you pay the rent, the whole car (with the driver) will be all yours. You don’t need to pay extra money because the price is all-in. When you finish your business, you’ll find your rented car together with the driver, is waiting for your arrival. No more wasting your telephone credit to call taxi operator people! So, rent a car is the safest, and best choice for your vacation.

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