Private Borobudur and Prambanan Temple Day Tour

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Tour Name Private Borobudur and Prambanan Temple Day Tour
Duration 1 Day
Tour Type Tour Destination/Sightseeing

Come & Discover the Two Greatest Historical Heritages in Java

As suggested by millions of travelers, Borobudur and Prambanan have become the must-visit destinations in Java. The two greatest temples are the temples for two different beliefs: Buddha and Hindu. The tour is the perfect choice for you who wants to seek and enrich the knowledge about cultural and historical heritage. Built in thousand years ago, the temples will offer you the spectacular view of t he ancient structures. Feel the prehistoric ambiance from your first step at the entrance. Make your tour more exciting by simply selecting the upgradable package. If you want to have an appetizing lunch at Shabu Shabu Restaurant or indulge in relaxing massage before returning to your hotel, just feel free to choose your desired package!

Story Telling

Prepare to be Enchanted by Its Undeniable Majestic

The tour starts by picking you up at the hotel in the morning. After that, you will head to Borobudur directly. The Borobudur temple is located in Magelang, quite reachable from Yogyakarta. Enjoy the air-conditioned private car that will make your trip more convenient. As soon as you arrived at the Borobudur temple, be ready to get mesmerized by its enchanting beauty. There are 3 different zones in the temple called Kamadhatu, Rapudhatu, and Arupadathu. The 3 zones are the representations of 3 spheres. Kamadhatu is the world we live in, Rapudhatu is the transitional sphere, a place where a human goes after release from worldly matters. Last is Arupadhatu, where the gods live in. Besides the 3 zones, the incredible reliefs and the 504 Buddha statues are also the most attractive things in Borobudur.

After exploring the extensive area of Borobudur, you must be exhausted, right? Don’t worry, the tour will proceed to the Shabu Shabu Restaurant that will recharge back your energy with mouthwatering lunch. Or, if you want to explore the well-known Malioboro street, why don’t you have a leisure walk there, meet the locals, and buy some authentic souvenirs?

Don’t forget that Prambanan waits for you. The temple is located in Klaten and easy to reach from Yogyakarta. This Hindu temple has a heart-stealing story behind. Once upon a time, a man called Bandung Bondowoso fell in love with a woman named Roro Jonggrang. Sadly, Roro Jonggrang didn’t have the same feeling with Bandung. That’s why she made an impossible request to refuse Bandung’s love. The request was Bandung had to make a temple with 1.000 statues in one night. Surprisingly, the request was nearly fulfilled and the 999 statues were done but Jonggrang tried to fail it. Feeling cheated, Bandung cursed Jonggrang to be the thousand statue. The Prambanan-visit will end in the afternoon, but before the tour ends, enjoy the soothing spa treatment to release your fatigue after having a wonderful ancient adventure!

The magnificent Borobudur, one of the former world-seven wonders

Take a walk on Malioboro street and spot some local cultures there

Bring back the energy and taste the best shabu shabu in Yogyakarta

Reveal the tragic story behind and be enchanted by its ancient structure

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Tour Options

Private Borobudur and Prambanan Temple Day Tour

2018.04.01~2019.03.31 (Every day)

Tour Option Rate per person
Basic Package 1 person USD 45
2 person USD 22
3 person USD 15
4 person or more USD 11
Fun Package 1 person USD 115
2 person USD 95
3 person USD 90
4 person or more USD 85
All-in Package 1 person USD 130
2 person USD 120
3 person USD 115
4 person or more USD 100
The above rate is per person rate.
Note: Surcharge $10 per person is applied during Eid Fitr, Christmas, New Year, and Easter Day
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Tour Detail


Basic Package Fun Package All-in Package
  • 12-hour private Avanza transport service
  • Driver
  • Parking Fee
  • 12-hour private Avanza transport service

  • Driver

  • Borobudur and Prambanan admission fee

  • Buffet lunch at Shabu Shabu Restaurant
  • Parking Fee
  • 12-hour private Avanza transport service

  • Driver
  • Borobodur and Prambanan admission fee

  • Buffet lunch at Shabu Shabu Restaurant
  • 1-hour massage treatment
  • Parking Fee


Basic Package Fun Package All-in Package
  • Admission fee
  • Local English speaking temple guide
  • Personal Expense
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Insurance
  • Local English speaking temple guide
  • Personal Expense
  • Breakfast
  • Insurance
  • Local English speaking temple guide
  • Personal Expense
  • Breakfast
  • Insurance


Time Schedule
07:30 Hotel pick up
07:30-09:00 Heading to Borobudur Temple in Magelang
09:00-11:00 Having Borobudur park tour
11:00-12:30 Heading back to Yogyakarta
12:30-14:00 Basic Package – Sightseeing in Malioboro & having lunch (additional charged)
Fun & All-in Package –  Having a lunch buffet at Shabu Shabu Restaurant
14:00-15:00 Heading to Prambanan Temple
15:00-16:30 Having Prambanan Temple tour
16:30-17:30 Basic & Fun Package – Hotel drop off
16:30-17:00 All-in Package – Heading to Spa
17:00-18:00 Full Body Massage 1H
18:00-19:00 Return to hotel
Fun Package & All-In Package includes the buffet lunch before heading to Prambanan Temple
All-In Package includes 1-Hour Full Body Massage before Hotel Drop Off

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