Question about Komodo Dragon facts might have been questioned by some people. Probably you will ask the same thing too when you hear the word “Komodo Dragon”. This living creature can only be found in Indonesia. Specifically, which part of Indonesia where do Komodo Dragons live? Well, the answers are Komodo Island, Rinca, Flores and Gili Motang. These areas are located near Flores, one of the islands in East Nusa Tenggara. If you are planning to see this largest living lizard in the world, you are coming to the right article. What you are about to read below is the top 8 Komodo Dragon Facts and please read until the end before you face the largest one on Komodo Island.

Here are some facts about Komodo Dragon:

Komodo Dragon has another name!

Ora or Land Crocodile / By Earth Island Institute

Do you know that Komodo Dragon has never been found out by the western scientist until 1912? Before the discovery of Komodo Dragon, this dragon-like creature has another name called “Ora”. This name is given by the local people. The meaning behind the name “Ora” is a land crocodile. Yes, you read it right. The locals give the name “Ora” simply because it looks like a crocodile. However, some people considered it as a dragon look alike. So, which one do you think that Komodo looks alike? Crocodile or dragon?


Komodo Dragon size that will impress you for sure!

Komodo Dragon Size / By Komodo Travel and Transportation

The size of Komodo Dragon is quite large. For the male of Komodo Dragon, it can reach 8 to 10 feet for the length. About 3 meters length in another measurement. For the female, it is not as large as the male one. The female of Komodo Dragon only reaches 6 feet or 1.8 meters for the length. The size might not put you in scare but wait until you know how fast this creature can run. The Komodo dragon speed can reach 13 mph when they hunt something. So, it’s better for you to be careful.


It is very rare & loves the heat so much!

Komodo Dragon Habitat / By National Geographic Kids

As stated in the opening paragraph, Komodo Dragon is not an animal you can see in every place or every zoo. The Komodo Dragon adaptations to ambient temperature extremely heat. So, we can say that this lizard loves to live in a tropical dry forest to savanna to a deciduous monsoon forest. The perfect temperature for them could be around 35 degrees Celsius with 70% humidity. The Komodo Dragon behavior is quite unique. They love to stay in burrows to stay warm at night and to stay cool at day.


Female Komodo doesn’t need sex to reproduce

Newborn Komodo / Taken from Google Images

When the female Komodo Dragon needs to reproduce, the presence of a male Komodo is not necessarily needed. The female doesn’t need to have sex with male to reproduce. The absence of sex to reproduce called “parthenogenesis”. In a simple short way, the specific egg cells are able to fertilize each other in lieu of sperm. This can happen only if no male Komodo Dragon around.


Komodo Dragon is Venomous

The Venom Gland of Komodo / By Flickr

A long time ago, scientists believe that the saliva of the Komodo is deadly. But this Komodo Dragon facts venom is not really that correct. On 2009, Brian Fry, the biochemist, found something that breaks that belief. What makes the Komodo Dragon is venomous is not the saliva yet the venom glands that located in the lower jaw. These glands could release a nasty cocktail that could make you experience extreme blood loss, paralysis, excruciating pain, tissue damage, and inadequate clotting. Komodo Dragon might be unique and exotic in certain ways. However, once you meet one, it is better to keep yourself safe by not standing really close to it.


Komodo is able to eat large prey!

Komodo Hunting Prey / Credit: Youtube

If you think Komodo is like any other lizard that doesn’t eat meat, you are totally wrong. They are carnivores and as the dominant Komodo dragon predators, they can eat and swallow almost anything. Can you imagine that Komodo can eat pig, deer, water buffalo, and even humans? Yes, you are possible to be its prey too. When doing the hunting, Komodo Dragon will wait patiently in camouflage. As the prey passes by, the Komodo Dragon will use its sharp claws, powerful legs, and shark-like teeth to disembowel the prey.


Do you know that Komodo Dragon can swim?

Swimming Komodo / Credit: Youtube

Yes, besides having the incredible running speed, this creature is able to swim. In another word, Komodo Dragon is a great swimmer too. If you still don’t believe it, you can see it in some videos spreading wide around the internet or Youtube. Just simply type “Swimming Komodo Dragon in Indonesia, then you will see how great they are moving along in the water. Since they can swim, you better be careful even when you spot Komodo Dragon in the water.

The adult Komodos are cannibals

Cannibal Komodo / Taken from Google Images

It is the scary truth actually. The grown-up Komodos will not think twice just to devour their own offspring. That is why the young Komodos often hide themselves away from the cannibal grown-ups. They usually hide in the trees. Surprisingly, the young Komodos are trying to make themselves to be unappetizing as possible by rolling in dung. By doing so, the adult Komodos, which are trying to eat them will loss of the appetite.



Komodo Island Tour / Taken from Google Images

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