When it comes to beaches in Jakarta, whether you’re looking for a tucked-away escape or a family-friendly spot, Jakarta’s beaches got it all. Kick-off your flip-flops and get ready to sunbathe at these amazing beaches in Jakarta Metropolitan Area

Everyone has different excitement on the beach itself. For some, they will get excited because of the white sand and crystal clear water. However, others may think that waves are more thrilling than sand and water, especially for those who like surfing or water sport activities. To help you decide, we have put together the list of the most popular beaches near Jakarta. Grab your sunnies and make sure you have plenty of sunscreens. Here, the top 10 beaches in Jakarta and nearby that will get you excited!

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  1. Ancol Beach

    ancol beach
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    This one is the closest beach to visit in Jakarta. Ancol Beach is located in North Jakarta and one of the most popular places for recreation. This can be a sweet escape and family quality time. As you arrive there, try to ride the swan pedal boat or traditional boat. Surely this beach can be a nice and fun playground for kids. We recommend you to come in the evening for the beautiful sunset. Walk along the wooden bridge which standing at the bay, take some nice pictures in photo spots, and indulge in peaceful sunset of Jakarta.

  2. Tanjung Pasir Beach

    tanjung pasir
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    If you’re looking for a family-friendly vacation, please consider Tanjung Pasir Beach. Located on Tangerang Regency of Banten Province, Tanjung Pasir Beach is known for a weekend getaway of Jakarta people to spend their holidays. Moreover, it is easily accessible from the town. This is perfect option if you like to swim and enjoy the sunset with family. The beach also has pool floats rental. Isn’t it fun?

  3. Peucang Island

    Source: Indonesia Tourism

    Let’s go to Peucang Island, if you want to see something sheer beauty of the beach. Peucang Island is a popular dive spot where you can feel a solemn nuance. Here, you can see the calm sea and the soothing beach featuring stunning blue seawater and the soft white wide sand. It takes approximately 6 hours away from Jakarta to Pulau Peucang. So, it is better to go in the early morning and stay overnight.

  4. Carita Beach

    Source: Travelz Mania

    If you plan to visit Banten province, make sure you do not miss Carita Beach. This is one of the most popular beaches located along the west seaside area of Banten. Accessible from Jakarta over a fair road, the visitors can reach it for approximately 3 hours.

    The white sands and crystal clear blue water make this beach is a perfect spot to hang out and have fun. Also, you can enjoy the view of Krakatau Mountain from this beach. Moreover, there are several water sports on this beach such as Banana Boat and Jet Ski. If you want more challenging sports, just go snorkeling or diving.

  5. Tanjung Lesung Beach

    tanjung lesung
    Source: Tempo

    Tanjung Lesung is known to be the best beach near Jakarta Metro Area. It’s about 3 to 4-hour drive from Jakarta and become the entry point for tourist who will visit Krakatau island. This white sand beach has calm water, colorful reefs, and fishes. There is also a variety of water sport activities such as snorkeling, sea swings, banana boats, ATV rides and so on.

  6. Sawarna Beach

    sawarna beach
    Source: IDN Times

    Lovely large and high rocks are some of the most spectacular of natures crafted in Sawarna Beach. It displays more natural pieces of art than any other beaches in West Java. Like its name, the beach is located in Sawarna Village and directly overlooks the Indian Ocean. The beach has a quite interesting charm featuring crystal clear blue water and white sandy beach.

    No wonder, the strong winds often create huge waves on the beach. If you aren’t enough good at swimming, it is better not to get in the water. You can explore some fascinating caves near the beach, such as Lalay Cave, Cimaul Cave, Sikadir Cave, Singalong Cave, and Pasir Tangkil Cave.

  7. Bidadari Island

    Source: Authentic Indonesia

    Bidadari Island or Angel Island is one of the enchanting islands in Thousand Islands – Indonesia’s Marine National Parks in the Bay of Jakarta. Bidadari Island is the closest island to Jakarta. It is only 30-minute speedboat ride away from Ancol Marina Port, which has also become one of the most visited islands. 

    Another interesting fact about Bidadari Island is that half of it remains of lush green forest. The beach also displays beautiful white sand and translucent seawater surrounding the island. With only the six-hectare area, you could explore all the island by renting bikes or just walking around for two hours.

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  8. Pari Island

    Source: Keliling Nusantara

    Pari Island is also a part of Thousand Islands. It takes an hour from Marina Ancol Port by speedboat or from Kali Adem Port in Muara Angke, North Jakarta. The island offers two beach attractions, Virgin Beach and Pasir Keresek Beach. Enjoy white sand while walking, cycling, or just simply sitting in the hut and witnessing sea scenery. Both of the beaches feature with a soothing atmosphere and stunning beauty.

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  9. Anyer Beach

    anyer beach
    Source: Tempat Wisata

    Anyer beach spreads across the western coast of Anyer Regency. It is located 38 km away from Serang City, an hour drive from Serang Banten, and a three-hour drive from Jakarta. During the weekend, groups of family and couples enjoy various options of water sports here. Let’s do some thrilling water sports such as snorkeling, diving, jet ski, and other aquatic sports. You can also just relax on the seashore to enjoy the gorgeous sunset.

  10. Pahawang island

    Source: Keliling Lampung

    Pahawang Island is situated in the South Lampung province and near the Capital City (Bandar Lampung). If you love underwater paradise, this island would be the right destination for you. There are different routes for reaching the idyllic Pahawang Island. You can take a ferry or flight to Lampung, then you have to continue to rent a boat from the locals to reach Pahawang Island. One of the most popular activities to do in Pahawang Island is snorkeling. You will be fascinated by the colorful corals and fishes beneath the crystal clear waters of the island.

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