Before flying all the way to Bali, learn more about Bali destinations. There are plenty of awesome places in this island of Gods. And, they are all worth to add to your bucket list. If you google Bali tourism images, mostly they are all about tropical beaches. Everybody agrees that Bali is famous for its tropical beaches and all the romantic things to do there. But, don’t limit your holiday to the coastlines only as Bali offers way a lot more things to experience.

Must-Visit Places in the Island of Gods

Talking about Bali travel map, you must’ve known that this island has a little of everything. If you want to fully explore Bali, a few-days stay is definitely not enough. In fact, it’ll never be enough to enjoy everything in this island. But, don’t you worry. Here we present you some of the must-visit places in Bali to add to your bucket list:

  1. Kuta

    bali destinations; Sunset Watching in Kuta Beach
    Sunset Watching in Kuta Beach

    Wondering about places to visit in Bali Kuta? There are bunches of free things to do in Kuta Beach. However, they are not the only things this area offers to you. Kuta has been known by many as the center of tourism in Bali. For first-timers, Kuta is known as the must-visit spot in Bali. Domestic and foreign tourists make Kuta Beach always crowded, especially in peak season. And, you can easily shop for souvenirs just by strolling along the coastlines and to Kuta Art Market located nearby. If you want more of Bali, however, Kuta is not for you. Just move a little away from the hustle and bustle of this lively town to nearby hideaway of Canggu.

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  2. Canggu

    bali destinations; Canggu's Shortcut
    Canggu’s Shortcut

    As the heart of boho-chic culture in Bali, there are many to see and do in Canggu. It is where eccentric, free-spirited souls gather to have their best experiences in Bali. There are bunches of best places in Canggu from Beaches to Cafes. If you plan to stop by, make sure to experience hiring a scooter and crossing their renowned Canggu shortcut! This well-known road connects Berawa to Batu Bolong. What can you find nearby? The Pretty Poison is where skateboarders gather and show off their skill in the bowl. Just few minutes away, you can fill up your tummy in the popular Crate Café, owned and managed by the same Maree Suteja.

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  3. Ubud

    bali destinations; Monkey at the Dragon bridge in the Sacred Monkey forest Sanctuary.
    Monkey at the Dragon bridge in the Sacred Monkey forest Sanctuary.

    Have you watched Julia Roberts’ Eat, Pray, Love? If you do, then you must know that the ‘LOVE’ scenes were taken in Ubud. You know this little town is the center of Balinese culture and art. Lots of dedicated artists exhibit and sell their artworks in Ubud. If you want to see more of Balinese nature and culture, Ubud is the best place to go. It’s must-visit places include the Sacred Monkey Forest, Ubud Palace and Ubud Art Market, which you will see a lot in any Ubud tours. If you need alternatives, try going for a leisure stroll along the Campuhan Ridge Walk. You might as well want to end it with a sip of coffee in Karsa Kafe or a relieving massage in Karsa Spa. Definitely won’t fail you!

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  4. Uluwatu

    bali destinations; uluwatu kecak dance
    uluwatu kecak dance

    Besides being the Island of Gods, Bali is also known as the Island of Thousand Temples. And you’ll see why. Bali has bunches of temples, with most of the prominent sea temples located in the southern areas. Uluwatu Temple is one of those important sea temples. Here you’ll see a temple built on a rock cliff about 70 meters above sea level, hence the name Uluwatu. Witness one of the most stunning sunset vista in this area. What’s more about this tourism spot is that you can watch the mystical Kecak dance performed on open stage. With the mighty Indian Ocean, and the mesmerizing sunset as its backdrop. It’s not something you can experience in many other places.

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  5. Mount Batur

    bali destinations; batur trekking
    batur trekking

    If you have an eye for a get-closer to Balinese nature, this is the must-do for you: Have a trekking tour. One of the recommended trekking trips is to climb the second tallest mountain in the island. Mount Batur is quite an easy trek, even for beginners. But, don’t you ever underestimate its trail, which can be quite steep and slippery. Though it’s only one- or two-hours trek to reach the peak, you’d better start early to catch the sunrise (which is around 6:30 AM Bali time).

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  6. Trunyan Village and Penglipuran Village

    bali destinations; penglipuran village
    Penglipuran Village

    Both villages offer you different depictions of Balinese local lives. In Penglipuran, you’ll see the well-structured Balinese village, in which you can adore its architecture. Its visible feature of this village is their well-preserved traditional culture, which they still maintain in daily life. Besides, this village is super clean, and you won’t see any motored vehicles inside Penglipuran Village. Totally different from this gorgeous-looking village is the local cemetery of Trunyan Village. You can only go there by boat and the area is pretty isolated. As you step inside, you’ll feel the eeriness of the air. Watch your surrounding! There, you’ll see dead bodies left on the ground, not buried nor burnt. Don’t worry; it won’t smell bad. The powerful scent coming from Taru Menyan tree magically overpower the bad smell coming from the remains.

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  7. Menjangan Island

    bali destinations; Menjangan Diving
    Menjangan Diving

    Are you an enthusiastic snorkeler/diver? If so, you can be excited. Bali has some awe-inspiring snorkeling and diving spots. One of the best diving spots is not in the crowded area of south Bali, but up on the northern coastline in Menjangan Island, which is inside West Bali National Park. So, this area has limited access and everything inside is protected and well-preserve. After a great day lingering around the underwater world of Menjangan Island, even simple lunch on the beach feels luxurious!

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  8. The Secret Garden of Sambangan

    bali destinations; Blue Lagoon Sambangan Bali
    Blue Lagoon Sambangan Bali

    Still in North Bali, a part of Buleleng Regency called Sambangan is a hidden paradise. Going on a trek and waterfall-hopping tour in Sambangan is another new favorite in Bali tour. Get your chance to dip yourself in the tosca-colored lake in Blue Lagoon, a.k.a the Secret Garden of Sambangan. For an alternative, other than trekking, you can also try canyoning in this yet-pristine area.

    With continuous development, the amount of happening place in Bali has also been growing in number. Those above-mentioned places are of course not everything you can enjoy in this Island of Gods. Plan well and get the best of Bali that you can experience. Have a nice holiday! (/YAP)

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