Besides cultural and natural attractions, Bali bar is no less attractive than those popular Bali activities. For every nightlife stands, a bar would be the best partner to spend the night. Even when you’re in The Land of Gods, you can spot several bars with some different sides and offers. So, to add your things to do in Bali bucket list, here are some bars that will liven up your night:

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  1. Sky Garden Bali

    What is the best place to visit in Bali, if you’re a pub-loyal-fellow? Kuta area is the best place for every night owl and bar enthusiast. Moreover, bunches of best bars in Kuta are lining up at the main street, waiting for you to come! Let’s make it short pals and go ahead to Sky Garden Bali. Well, you might imagine this place as an eco-concept cafe where you can chill out in the middle of greenery lush. However, what you’ll get is such a plot-twisted! 

    Bali Bar: Sky Garden Bali by @skygardenbali
    Sky Garden Bali by @skygardenbali

    Even though the name is quite “eco-friendly”, Sky Garden Bali is a place where you’re able to hype your night up. This bar has four floors, where you can get 4 different vibes. If you’re looking for an area to show off your dancing skill, the second floor will be your stage. However, if you want to stay quiet and just chill out with your friends, bar on the third floor or rooftop garden on the fourth floor will suit yours.  

    Address: Jalan Legian 61, Kuta, Bali
    Contact Person: +62 361 755 423
    Operational Hours: Monday to Sunday from 5 PM till 4 AM

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  2. Rock Bar Bali

    Bali Bar: Rock Bar Bali by @yitung822
    Rock Bar Bali by @yitung822

    Before enjoying the nightlife, let’s watch the top things to see in Bali, sunset attraction. The place where you can get sunset attraction and Bali bar, is Rock Bar Bali. Well-managed by the best Bali resort franchise, Ayana Resort, Rock Bar Bali is one of the best bars in the world. The combination of amusing natural sightseeing and hyping EDM music has attached many visitors to come. Moreover, the undeniable sunset panorama will make your day for sure. So, you can either take a sip while enjoying the twilight or stay a bit longer to enjoy the night at the coast-side bar.

    Address: Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, Bali 80364
    Contact Person: +62 361 8468 468 or [email protected]
    Operational Hours: Monday to Sunday from 4 PM till 12 AM (Monday to Thursday), Friday to Sunday 1 AM

  3. La Favela Bali

    The next Bali bar will remind you of a family pub in the countryside of Mexico city. La Favela Bali is one of the famous and best bars in Bali Seminyak. Similar to any common Bali bar, this place offers various in house music, dance floor, and refreshing drinks. However, you might not find a unique place like La Favela Bali in this land of Gods! Just as mentioned before, walking to La Favela is like walking through an Anywhere Door. 

    cafe bali; @lafavelabali_
    La Favela Bali by @lafavelabali_

    The concept is focusing on South America decoration, then mixed with greenery lush. Moreover, this bar is suitable for both dining session or dancing time! At the first couple of hours after this place open, you can enjoy it through chilling dinner time. When the night starts to get thicker, the DJ will start to warm up the dance floor with his “signature” playlist!  

    Address: Jalan Laksamana Oborol No 177X, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung, Bali 80361
    Contact Person:  +62 878 6265 4573 or +62 812 4612 0010
    Operational Hours: Monday to Sunday from 5 PM till 3 AM

  4. Woobar at W Bali

    Bali Bar: Woobar at W Bali by @woobarbali
    Woobar at W Bali by @woobarbali

    Another Bali bars Seminyak that you should take a visit is Woobar at W Bali. The location is quite strategic since it lays above the hipster area in Bali. Moreover, you can easily reach it right after your arrival in Ngurah Rai International Airport, or any other popular places like Waterbom Bali, or Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park. Woobar serves the best and newest playlist almost every day, along with the best DJs either locals or internationals! Besides the music, this bar provides various entertaining things, that you can try when you come here.

    Address: Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak, Kerobokan, Bali 80361
    Contact Person: +62 361 300 01036 or [email protected]
    Operational Hours: Sunday to Thursday 10 AM till 1 AM, Friday and Saturday from 10 AM till 2 AM

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  5. Puri Santrian Bar

    Bali Bar: Puri Santrian by @andienaisyah
    Puri Santrian by @andienaisyah

    We’ve talked about Bali Bar in the west area of Bali, then we’re going to move to the east. Where is it exactly? Sanur is a popular area, yet it has lesser crowds compared to the west area like Kuta or Seminyak. Puri Santrian is a resort that provides an amusing bar. This place lets its guests to enjoy their time at the floating gazebo! There are two gazebos at the seashore, and you can hop on it to enjoy the cocktails and the ocean!

    Address: Jalan Cemara 35, Sanur, Bali
    Contact Person: +62 361 288 009 or fax +62 361 287 101 or [email protected]
    Operational Hours: Monday to Sunday from 11 AM till 12 AM

  6. The BARber at The Sintesa Jimbaran

    Bali Bar: The BARber at The Sintesa Jimbaran by @thesintesajimbaran
    The BARber at The Sintesa Jimbaran by @thesintesajimbaran

    Looking for unique things to do in Bali at Night? Let’s visit The BARber at The Sintesa Jimbaran. This place is a complete package, where you can grab some foods, cocktails, even get a hair treatment for boys! Yep, the concept is quite unique since you can get hyping music, a glass of beer, then have a haircut at the same time. Even though the concept is pretty much “boyish”, ladies are able to chill out at The BARber as well.

    Address: Jalan Kencana No 1 Jimbaran, Bali 80361
    Contact Person: +62 361 472 5333 or [email protected]
    Operational Hours: Monday to Sunday from 8 AM till 1 AM

  7. Pretty Poison Bali

    The next Bali bar might have such a frightening name, yet the menus are edible and save. Better for you to start playing Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne to get a skater impression, before coming to Pretty Poison Bali. This bar is pretty sic, since you get to roll in your skateboard while grabbing the cocktail! Different to any other “mainstream” Bali bar where you get some cozy lounge, neat decoration and anything “safe”, Pretty Poison Bali offers the opposite vibe. 

    Bali Bar: Pretty Poison Bali by @dagmarkus
    Pretty Poison Bali by @dagmarkus

    What you’ll get is an almost similar view of Los Angeles street, where you can spot a vert skateboarding and some of the reclycled-barrel chairs. While grabbing your favorite drinks, you can watch some of the skateboarder showing their skill. Moreover, the EDM playlists will add the excitement in Pretty Poison Bali. This place is kinda “messy” but you’ll surely get such unique experience here!

    Address: Jalan Subak Canggu, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
    Contact Person: +62 812 4622 9340
    Operational Hours: Monday to Sunday from 4 PM till 12 AM

  8. The Bush Telegraph Pub

    The Bush Telegraph Pub has succeeded to surprise its visitors, even before they sit at the chairs. A huge crocodile at the entrance will surely make your heart skip a beat for a second! However, this beast is pretty much dead, so it won’t attack you even you do something silly. Well, we’re not gonna talk about how the crocodile ended up at The Bush Telegraph Pub, but discuss how amazing this place is.

    Bali Bar: The Bush Telegraph Pub by @flowpay
    The Bush Telegraph Pub by @flowpay

    This place is a multiple purposes place, where you can visit it either at the daylight or after the dark. The menus are suitable for both family and personal dining. Moreover, after the sunset, The Bush Telegraph Pub will be way more alive with some of the signature drinks and hyping music! So, don’t ever miss this Bali bar when you’re in Bali. (Ty)

    Address: Jalan Camplung Tanduk No 10XX, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
    Contact Person: +62 361 732 963
    Operational Hours: Monday to Sunday from 9 AM till 1 AM is part of PT. Korina Prima Sinergi

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