Prepare yourself to face various places to see in Bali! In order to make your holiday full of excitements, you must know where will you spend your time. Bali is such a great island with tons of interesting places to visit. Moreover, you can simply find tourism places from any kind of preferences! Wanna rock your night at the club? Or unwind your worries through yoga? Don’t worry and here’s a list for any of you who looks for places to see in Bali.

  1. Seminyak Beach

    Places to See in Bali; Seminyak Beach
    Seminyak Beach by @amoremz

    Balinese beaches are the main places to see in Bali where you can find many excitements. Kuta Beach is the common coast that always full of visitors. However, if you want a quieter beach yet similar to Kuta, you can go ahead to Seminyak Beach. This coast shares the same coastline with Kuta, that’s why you’ll find almost identical characteristics just like in Kuta Beach. Moreover, the waves in Seminyak Beach are suitable for surfing!

  2. Canggu Beach

    Places to See in Bali; Canggu Beach
    Canggu Beach by @leeyooouna

    Are you looking for the beach club while in Bali? The beach that you need to visit is Canggu Beach. This coast is the house for various hipster beach clubs in the land. Moreover, you can simply find any kind of beach club then you just need to find your favorite. Furthermore, the sunset view in here is no less attractive than Seminyak or Kuta Beach.

  3. Tanah Lot

    Places to See in Bali; Tanah Lot
    Tanah Lot by @d_aisyday

    There are countless places to see in Bali if you’re the dusk fan. One of them would be the magnificent sea temple, Tanah Lot. The temple was long ago built on the cliff in front of the open ocean. Moreover, since that day, whenever the sunset starts to step down, the temple creates a silhouette that blends perfectly with the twilight sky.

  4. Sanur Beach

    Places to See in Bali; Sanur Beach
    Sanur Beach by @unggry

    Wanna see the sunrise view in the coastline? Then go ahead to Sanur and visit its beach. Sanur Beach is famous as the Sunrise Beach. If you want to witness the sunrise show, you can either come before the sunrise time, or book a room at the beachfront resorts in Sanur Beach.

  5. Suluban Beach

    Places to See in Bali; Suluban Beach
    Suluban Beach by @chiarasbardellati

    Suluban Beach is one among dozens of beaches in Bali that has unique features. Before heading to the open ocean, better for you to take the cave route. The cave is extremely gorgeous! Instead of walking through a dark scary cave, you’ll get a movie-set panorama inside the cave!

  6. Jimbaran Beach

    Places to See in Bali; Jimbaran Beach
    Jimbaran Beach by @bembuts

    Most of the places to see in Bali, especially beaches, provide restaurants or food stalls. However, to get the best seafood culinary, you should come to Jimbaran Beach. Once you come here, you can spot many beachfront cafes and restaurants that serve various seafood dishes. Moreover, the best moment to savor your mouth-watering seafood is in the evening, when the sunset time.

  7. Balangan Beach

    Places to See in Bali; Balangan Beach
    Balangan Beach by @maikelkersbergen

    We’ve mentioned about Seminyak Beach where you can surf there. However, if you’re a pro, Seminyak Beach is just like your neighborhood playground. Try something more challenging at Balangan Beach. This coast has much wilder waves that will awake your adrenaline. Since the waves are quite strong, Balangan Beach has fewer visitors compared to other beaches in the land. Then, the serene vibe will be your bonus.

  8. Broken Beach

    Places to See in Bali; Broken Beach
    Broken Beach by @filippo_cesarini

    Lays on the tourism treasure, Nusa Penida, tourists practically can find any interesting thing here. Broken Beach is one of them. Previously, this place was a beachfront cave until a natural phenomenon made the cave broken. The falling cave then created a huge hole that directly towards the ocean. Moreover, you get two options to enjoy the view; sit near the cliff then watch the former cave entrance, or use your drone to take the overhead photo.

  9. Kelingking Beach

    Places to See in Bali; Kelingking Beach
    Kelingking Beach by @fredrik.o.forslin

    Another beach that famous as photo backdrop is Kelingking Beach. You can reach it easily if you’ve done mesmerize the Broken Beach, since Kelingking Beach share the same land. When you walk down to the venue, you’ll get amazed by the unique shape of the limestone cliff! The cliff was naturally shaped like T-Rex head, plus the turquoise ocean water will make it even more gorgeous!

  10. Angel’s Billabong

    Places to See in Bali; Angel's Billabong
    Angel’s Billabong by

    How about dipping on the natural infinity pool while visiting Nusa Penida? Angel’s Billabong is a natural infinity pool that has a direct panorama of the open ocean. Moreover, the pool was slowly created by the ocean waves for time to time. Angels’ Billabong has clear salty water, which allows you to see everything under the water. However, you need to be careful with the waves since there is no lifeguard around.

  11. Lovina Beach

    Places to See in Bali; Lovina Beach
    Lovina Beach by @barbutravel

    If you’re craving for the underwater trip, Lovina Beach is the best spot for snorkeling or diving. Under the ocean blanket, lots of fish and corals are ready to satisfy your eyes and curiosity. Moreover, when you try to dive you can meet some unique sea creatures like manta rays or even dolphins!

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  12. Tegalalang Rice Terraces

    Places to See in Bali; Tegalalang Rice Terraces
    Tegalalang Rice Terraces by @dcook405

    From the refreshing coastline, let’s we move into other refreshing places to see in Bali. Whenever you want to get fresh and clean air, you should come to Ubud. Moreover, here you can find the remarkable attraction, Tegalalang Rice Terraces. The rice fields are lovely enough to be your photo spot. Furthermore, you can find various vegan and healthy restaurants nearby Tegalalang Rice Terraces.  

  13. Pod Chocolate Factory and Cafe

    Places to See in Bali; Pod Chocolate Factory and Cafe
    Pod Chocolate Factory and Cafe by @podchocolate

    Are you a die-hard chocolate bar? Then try to make your own chocolate bar at Pod Chocolate Factory and Cafe. this place offers chocolate making class for its guests. You’ll get to know the varieties of chocolate, then the process of chocolate making. However, if you don’t want to get into problems, this place has a cozy cafe for you to lazy around.

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  14. The Yoga Barn

    Places to See in Bali; The Yoga Barn
    The Yoga Barn by @whatmartaloves

    Rilex both of your mind and body at The Yoga Barn. As one of the places to see in Bali, you can get an all-in-one place to relax here. There are several shalas where you can do the yoga, or join the yoga classes. There are various yoga classes in The Yoga Barn, and you’re surely able to join. Moreover, you can get a full yoga package, which lets you stay for weeks or months to master the yoga technique.

  15. Taman Saraswati Temple

    Places to See in Bali; Taman Saraswati Temple
    Taman Saraswati Temple by @soypelu

    Just like the meaning of its name (Saraswati is the Goddess of art and knowledge) this temple has pretty architecture and design. Before walking into the main area of Taman Saraswati Temple, you’ll walk through the stone bridge above the lotus pond. When the blooming season comes, the pond turns into a pink-green blanket which made from the blooming lotus!

  16. Museum Puri Lukisan

    Places to See in Bali; Museum Puri Lukisan
    Museum Puri Lukisan by @ahrin1980

    Museum Puri Lukisan in Ubud has a quite complete collection of locals’ artworks. Here you can find numerous incredible artworks from the early Balinese artworks until the modern works. There are four different buildings that have different displays and functions. Moreover, once you get the ticket, you’ll get a beverage as well that you can enjoy in the garden.

  17. Goa Gajah

    Places to See in Bali; Goa Gajah
    Goa Gajah by @mhareesi

    Goa Gajah, or Elephant Cave, is one among dozens of ancient Hindu artifacts that you can find in Bali. this place was previously a meditation place as well as a praying place. You can find a unique carving wall before going into the cave. Moreover, if you want to go to inside the cave, make sure you’re wearing sarong and waist sash. One more thing, period women are forbidden to enter the cave.

  18. Terrace River Pool

    Places to See in Bali; Terrace River Pool
    Terrace River Pool by @krupann.english

    Another way to enjoy the greenery scenery of Ubud is through swing activity. Well, you won’t get the ordinary swing like commonly found in the playground, but a giant swing! Terrace River Pool is a resort that provides 3 different huge swings that facing the Ubud rainforest. You can chill out because the swings have safety equipment that will guarantee your safety. Put your best dress on, and ask someone to take your photo while you’re swinging in the huge swing.

  19. Botanic Garden Ubud

    Places to See in Bali; Botanical Garden Ubud
    Botanical Garden Ubud by @ramya0411

    Take your younger one to Botanic Garden Ubud to know more about botany. This place has numerous area where you can see and learn about specific vegetations. Moreover, some of Botanic Garden Ubud spots are beautiful enough for your photo background.  

  20. Sacred Monkey Forest

    Places to See in Bali; Monkey Forest
    Monkey Forest by @strongvisual

    One of the places to see in Bali that you must visit is Sacred Monkey Forest. The forest lays above the cultural area of Ubud. Moreover, this forest is a home for thousands of long-tailed monkeys! If you want to feed them, at the entrance gate you can buy bananas or any fruits for them. One more thing people, watch out your belonging because the monkeys are quite mischievous. They like to steal anything from the guests and it’s quite difficult to take it back from the monkeys.

  21. The Blanco Renaissance Museum

    Places to See in Bali; The Blanco Renaissance Museum
    The Blanco Renaissance Museum by @felinatalia

    The museum was formerly a house and studio of the late Don Antonio Blanco, a Philippines art maestro. You can find many of Antonio and his son’s works here. This museum will definitely make art enthusiasts happy, since you can witness lots of magnificent artworks here.

  22. Threads of Life

    Places to See in Bali; Threads of Life
    Threads of Life by @threadsoflifebali

    Indonesian traditional fabrics are unique and beautiful. Most of them have such a complicated making process that makes them more valuable. Threads of Life offers many kinds of traditional fabrics from all over Indonesia, and you can purchase them with the best offer. Moreover, if you buy the fabric from this shop, you’re already helping out many working mommas out there. Yep, those mommas are the one who makes a living from traditional fabric making.

  23. Mirror Bali Lounge and Club

    Places to See in Bali; Mirror Bali Lounge and Club
    Mirror Bali Lounge and Club by @joongham

    Gonna rock the Balinese night? Let’s ahead to Mirror Bali Lounge and Club. This night club isn’t similar to any other clubs in the land. When you start walking inside the club, you’ll feel like walking into the Hogwarts main hall. The dance floor has gothic cathedral theme, that will turn into such a beautiful dancing floor once the music and lights on.

  24. Rock Bar Bali

    Places to See in Bali; Rock Bar Bali
    Rock Bar Bali by

    Wanna know the best bar in the world? Rock Bar Bali by Ayana Resort is one of the lists of the best bar in the world. This bar location is on the cliff near the open Indian Ocean, featuring the sunset panorama and best cocktails ever.

  25. Tirta Gangga Royal Water Garden

    Places to See in Bali; Tirta Gangga
    Tirta Gangga by @claudiajlinturn

    This place is one of the most beautiful photo spots in Bali. There are countless tourists that lining up to take pictures in some spots of Tirta Gangga Royal Water Garden. Moreover, this place belongs to Karangasem Kingdom and was built in the late of 1946. Well, how beautiful the place is? You can describe it yourself through the picture above.

  26. Ketut Liyer’s House

    Places to See in Bali; Ketut Liyer's House
    Ketut Liyer’s House by @holstandlee

    Have you watched Eat Pray Love? Liz Gilbert was traveling to Bali after spending her time in India and Italy. Well, one of the scene on this movie took in Ketut Liyer’s house. Ketut Liyer is a local medicine man, who able to read others future. However, this great medicine man has passed away, but you can get a fortune read from his son.

  27. Pura Luhur Lempuyang

    Places to See in Bali; Pura Luhur Lempuyang
    Pura Luhur Lempuyang by @dianakubasova

    Temples are one of the lists of places to see in Bali. Since Hindu is the majority religion this island, you’ll easily find Hindu temples here from the family pura until the main pura. Pura Luhur Lempuyang is one of them. This temple is known as The Temple in The Sky as well due to its location in the highland. When you visit here, you’ll get a bonus panorama of Mount Agung!

  28. Pura Uluwatu

    Places to See in Bali; Pura Uluwatu
    Pura Uluwatu by @ramadhanmario

    Besides Tanah Lot, Pura Uluwatu is a sea temple as well. Just like Tanah Lot the temple complex was built on the cliff that facing the ocean. Moreover, every evening there is a Kecak dancing performance in this temple. Lots of tourists come to Pura Uluwatu to watch the performance, with the scarlet dusk as the backdrop.

  29. Pura Besakih

    Places to See in Bali; Pura Besakih
    Pura Besakih by @komeng.awan

    What is the main and the biggest pura in Bali? The answer would be Pura Besakih. If you want to make a visit here, you can go to Karangasem. There is one legendary story of Pura Besakih. As the oldest and the biggest pura in the island, Pura Besakih is called Mother Temple. One day, Mount Agung erupted and the lava was strongly spread around. However, miraculously the lava wasn’t destroying Pura Besakih complex!

  30. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

    Places to See in Bali; Ulun Danu Beratan Temple
    Ulun Danu Beratan Temple by @kwankwaso

    The last but not the least magnificent temple in Bali is Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. The temple location is just right beside the Beratan Lake! Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is commonly used as a photo background. You can either take a picture near the lake or rent a traditional boat to make a closer picture of the temple.

  31. Marigolds Field at Temukus Village

    Places to See in Bali; Marigolds Field in Temukus Village
    Marigolds Field in Temukus Village by @kayekano

    You might be wondering where do the locals get the marigolds for their offering. Well, there is a famous marigolds field on the island. You can find a wide marigold field in Temukus Village! Moreover, you can take some pictures here as long as you don’t pick the flower as you like.

  32. Peguyangan Waterfall

    Places to See in Bali; Peguyangan Waterfall
    Peguyangan Waterfall by @rechterning

    Have you ever visited a waterfall that comes directly to the ocean? Or a waterfall that lets you dip into its pool enjoying the ocean scenery? Then you can find these kinds of things in Peguyangan Waterfall. The cascade is directly going to the open ocean, after filling the natural oceanfront pool. Enjoy your time in the pool while watching the natural sound as well as the magnificent open ocean view.

  33. Bali Safari and Marine Park

    Places to See in Bali; Bali Safari and Marine Park
    Bali Safari and Marine Park by @imshrirang

    Bali Safari and Marine Park is one of the places to see in Bali that has a unique concept of zoo. This zoo has a unique safari vehicle where you can hop in, then get much closer interaction with the wilds! Bali Safari and Marine Park even provides night safari, so that you can witness the animals’ activities after the dark, as well as the nocturnal animals.

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  34. Bali Zoo

    Places to See in Bali; Bali Zoo
    Bali Zoo by @pabloferndzz

    Head to head with the previous zoo, Bali Zoo has lots of wild animals collections as well. You can see various unique animals like Sumatra tigers, Orang Utan, even African lions! This zoo has some interesting packages that you can purchase like elephant mud bathing or breakfast with the wilds.

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  35. Bali Bird Park

    Places to See in Bali; Bali Bird Park
    Bali Bird Park by @vip.kenul.mamedova

    If you want a specific zoo for the birds, Bali Bird Park is the right place for you. Moreover, you can find various kinds of birds here, from parrots until the greater bird-of-paradise. In some specific time, Bali Zoo allows the guests to feed the birds even watch the breeding process.

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  36. Mason Elephant Park

    Places to See in Bali; Mason Elephant Park
    Mason Elephant Park by @aboutchayma

    Where is the place that has bunches of elephants in Bali? In Mason Elephant Park you can meet many tame elephants in such good condition and habitat. The owner of the park tried to make a similar place with the wild so that the elephants will feel more comfortable. Even though the elephants here are smart and master on some tricks, the trainers don’t use any harmful technique to teach the giants.  

  37. Samabe Resort and Restaurant

    Places to See in Bali; Samabe Resort
    Samabe Resort by @samabewedding

    Bali is such a romantic place that suitable to strengthen your loving bond with your lover. If you’re about to take your partner to a romantic dinner, Samabe Resort and Restaurant will give not only a romantic dinner but also an unforgettable dining experience. This resort owns a unique beachfront cave, where your dining time will take place in! While savoring the yummy cuisines, your dinner time will be accompanied by the waves sound as well as the ocean panorama.

  38. Water Blow Nusa Dua

    Places to See in Bali; Water Blow
    Water Blow by @growingwiththetans

    Natural phenomena always fascinating to be enjoyed. If you’re looking for places to see in Bali with natural phenomena, go directly to Water Blow Nusa Dua. The location of the attraction is behind Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua and free admission! Several huge waves will crash into the limestone then create some strong splashes are what you’re gonna see in here!

  39. La Laguna

    Places to See in Bali; La Laguna Bali
    La Laguna Bali by @lalagunabali

    When you’re a millennial and craving for something to fill your Instagram feed, then you can get it in La Laguna. Lays above the hipster place of Canggu, you can get every incredible material for your social media. Moreover, the foods and beverages in La Laguna will make your tummy happy.

  40. Waterbom Bali

    Places to See in Bali; Waterbom Bali
    Waterbom Bali by @waterbombali

    Waterbom Bali is where you should visit for water excitement. This place is the best waterpark in Asia, which means will bring you into the greatest water activities! Moreover, you can ride the water rides based on your preferences. After playing around in various rides, bars and restaurants will more than just ready to serve you their best dishes.

  41. Taman Festival Sanur

    Places to See in Bali; Taman Festival Sanur
    Taman Festival Sanur by @benita_corazon

    Calling out all the urban enthusiasts, because you can get an urban tour in Taman Festival Sanur. Well, the tour isn’t like any other tour because none will lead you around (besides you ask your local friends to come along). This place was abandoned for years and there are some urban stories about this place! Many visitors come to Taman Festival Sanur to take some pictures in the daylight. Yet none dare to visit after the dusk.

  42. Green Village

    Places to See in Bali; Green Village Bali
    Green Village Bali by @tati.melek

    The next places to see in Bali is Green Village. This place is an eco-friendly place where most of the buildings were made with bamboos! This place opens some workshop about eco-friendly product making, so you can join in it. If you want to stay a bit longer, Green Village offers some rooms for rent.    

  43. Secret Canyon of Sukawati

    Places to See in Bali; Secret Canyon Sukawati
    Secret Canyon Sukawati by @ravalamol

    Secret Canyon of Sukawati is a natural attraction that will make your day for sure. The scenery of this place is amazing and the best thing is you won’t meet lots of crowds here. How could it be possible? Just like its name, the canyon is just recently discovered that’s why not many visitors (even locals) know this place.

  44. Mount Batur

    Places to See in Bali; Mount Batur
    Mount Batur by @thomasroge

    Another place to witness sunset and sunrise view in the mountain peak is Mount Batur. Even though you can watch the sunset in this mount, visitors commonly hunt for the sunrise panorama than the sunset one. For hunting the sunrise view, you need to wake up much earlier than you usually do. However, the scenery that you get is worth with the effort that you do!

  45. Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park

    Places to See in Bali; Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park
    Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park by @jessoooshea

    If you’re asking for the tallest statue or monument in Bali, then the answer is Garuda Wisnu Kencana. The statue is reflecting the great Hindu God, Wisnu, which is riding the mythological creature Garuda. The cultural park is quite wide and divided into several areas. However, the main attraction would be the area where the Garuda Wisnu Kencana lays.

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  46. Campuhan Ridge Walk

    Places to See in Bali; Campuhan Ridge Walk
    Campuhan Ridge Walk by @digitaltraveldrone

    Looking for jogging spot, yet want to get a fresh vibe as well? Campuhan Ridge Walk in Ubud is a jogging trek that is right beside nature. If you come to this place, a wide range of greenery view will welcome you! Moreover, since the greenery is in surrounding of the jogging trek, the air here is fresh and pollution free.

  47. Menjangan Island

    Places to See in Bali; Menjangan Island
    Menjangan Island by @nat.germania

    After diving near the Lovina Beach, spare your time to meet the cute deers in Menjangan Island. Menjangan means deer in Indonesia. And just like its name, this island is the home for hundreds of deers. Moreover, the deers here are quite friendly, you can even pat and feed them.

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  48. Keramas Aero Park

    Places to See in Bali; Keramas Aero Park
    Keramas Aero Park by @keramas_aeropark

    There are bunches of unique places to see in Bali, and Keramas Aero Park is one of them. This restaurant has a unique concept that you’ll eat inside the plane. However, you’re not going to fly back to your home. The abandoned plane was modified and turned into a unique restaurant! Quite amusing isn’t?

  49. Teletubbies Hills Nusa Penida

    Places to See in Bali; Teletubbies Hills Nusa Penida
    Teletubbies Hills Nusa Penida by @digitaltravelcouple

    Hills in Teletubbies TV Show sometimes makes us wonder, do those things really exist in real life? Actually, there are some Teletubbies hills in Indonesia, and one of them lays in Nusa Penida. The hills here are quite similar to what you watch on the TV Shows!

  50. Big Garden Corner

    Places to See in Bali; Big Garden Corner
    Big Garden Corner by @_addicted_to_travel_

    Another unique dining place in Bali is Big Garden Corner. This place has several unique spots like Budha stupa, rainbow umbrellas bridge even a miniature of Stonehenge! The dishes in Big Garden Corner are quite delicious as well. (Ty) is part of PT. Korina Prima Sinergi

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