Are you looking for programs of volunteers in Bali? You’ll get dozens of interesting programs from the various organization! Some of you might seek for a beneficial activity like volunteering activity. Bali is one of the well-known volunteering areas, where many people come to help the locals’ education, social, health even environmental conservation. You can directly arrange your own volunteering programs or joining the organization’s volunteering projects. The first option might be complicated, since you need to arrange your own program activities, asking the permission even finding accommodation and everything! However, to make your good things be easier and more fun, the second option would be helpful.

There are several volunteering organizations that offer interesting volunteering packages. Some of them provide volunteering project along with holiday trip packages! Well, you can kill two birds with one stone. Then, here’s a list of volunteers programs in Bali that you can try. Choose the most suitable one for you and get an amazing experience in the Land of the Deities.

  1. Global Crossroads

    Volunteers in Bali; Global Crossroad
    Global Crossroad by @livinglost_lucy

    Global Crossroads has been serving several interesting volunteering programs since 2003. It has 200 programs that concern in education, health until conservation programs in 19 different countries. Bali is one of the locations where Global Crossroads holds the projects. There are four basic volunteering programs and four different special programs that you can choose:

    Bali Children/Day Care Center Volunteer Project

    If you’re caring for children, this program is suitable for you. The program either takes place in orphan or daycare with children in need. Along with the program, you can help them in various ways. Teach them about English, culture or anything even you can be their moral supporters since they need someone to lean on.

    Bali English Teaching Volunteer Program

    You can help the locals to improve their English skill by teaching the program. Since Bali gets lots of overseas tourists, it’s a great opportunity for the locals to get income from it. Helping them on improving the English skill will mean a lot for them.

    Bali Turtle Conservation Program

    As we know sea turtle is one of the extinction animals. Moreover, through this program, you can help them to get better treatment and environment

    Bali Teaching with the Sea Turtle Conservation

    Teaching or conservation project? Why not both then. You can teach the adorable local children then taking care of the extinction sea turtle in one go.

    Special Programs (Volunteer + Travel)

    For the special programs, you can get both volunteering project and traveling activities. You can choose one out four programs that suit your theme; Family Volunteering (1-12 weeks), Alternative Spring Break (1 week), High School Volunteering (1-4 weeks), and College/University Volunteering (1-4 weeks)

    Location: 415 West Airport Fwy. Suite 375 Irving, Texas 75062, USA

    Contact Information:

    Phone: (214) 785-6605

    Toll Free: USA 1-866-205-6515, UK 0-808-234-2042

    Email: [email protected]

  2. Plan My Gap Year

    Volunteers in Bali; Plan My Gap Year
    Plan My Gap Year by @pmgybali_

    Plan My Gap Year is a UK based volunteering organization that operates in 14 countries all over the world. This organization offers fun, safe, and high-quality volunteering programs for volunteers. Furthermore, for programs of volunteers in Bali, Plan My Gap Years offers:

    Bali Childcare Volunteers

    The program will take place in Tabanan, Bali. Here you’ll do your work along with the local children! You can teach them about English in a fun way or play along with them.

    Bali English Teaching Volunteers

    Through the teaching program, you can help the children improving their English. You have limited time to give the learning section, however, your help will surely meaningful for the locals.

    Bali Medical Volunteers

    Medical and health are two among many essential issues in Bali. Since the locals still stick on their culture, giving them education about health will help them aware of health issues.

    Bali Wildlife Rescue Volunteers

    Indonesia, especially Bali, has magnificent animals and nature. Yet some reckless people do not aware of and just exploit them. However, you can make wildlife be a bit better by joining this program.

    Location: Tunbridge Wells, E. Sussex, UK

    Contact Information:

    Phone UK: 0800-321-3564

    WhatsApp: 0044-794-021-2960

    Email: [email protected]

  3. International Volunteer IVHQ

    Volunteers in Bali; IVHQ
    IVHQ by @airwracka

    Since 2007, International IVHQ has helped many volunteers to get what they want. They have 35 destinations in certain countries along with various kinds of volunteering projects. Furthermore, for volunteers in Bali, International Volunteer IVHQ offers several programs on two different locations:

    Ubud Bali

    If you’re looking for a rural vibe, then you should take this option. There are some interesting volunteering programs in Ubud that surely will make your day; Teaching Project, Kindergarten Project, Construction and Renovation Project. Turtle Conservation Project, Environmental Education Project, and Health Education Project.

    Lovina Bali

    Nearby the amazing natural scenery of Lovina, you can take the amusing volunteering programs which are Kindergarten Support and Teaching Project and School and Community Renovation Project.

    Location: 99 Devon Street West, New Plymouth 4310, New Zealand (Head Office)

    Contact Information:

    International Phone: +64-6-758-7949

    USA/Canada Phone: 1-877-342-6588

    UK: 0-808-234-1521

    AU: 1-800-557-380

    Email: [email protected]

  4. Love Volunteers

    Volunteers in Bali; Love Volunteers
    Love Volunteers by @lovevolunteers

    Founded by great brother and sister duo, Julian and Kelly, Love Volunteers offers volunteering projects that you can join in. They have 12 volunteering destinations and 20 projects that you can choose based on your interest. For volunteers in Bali, Love Volunteers has two programs:

    Education Support

    Through the project, you’ll help the local children in learning English. The project will take places in a small fish village called Tianyar, Tabanan, or Ubud. While having the project, you can enjoy the tick culture along with a humble and warm ambiance.

    Marine Conservation

    At Tianyar Village, Love Volunteers offer marine conservation program for the marine enthusiast. You can help the underwater environment or give education about marine to the local fishermen.

    Location: 7 Milford Rd, Milford, Auckland 0620, New Zealand

    Contact Information: You can reach them on

  5. Frontier

    Volunteers in Bali; Frontier
    Frontier by @frontiertenerife

    Frontier has run its organization since 1989 and done more than 400 projects from various sections. Bali is one among 5 destinations that include on the volunteering destinations. For this area, Frontier offers:

    Bali Teaching & Beaches

    You’ll teach English for the locals as well as learn about Balinese culture and nature. Moreover, you can enjoy the beauty of Balinese beaches through this program.

    Reef Restoration

    Help the local community on restoring the damaged coral reefs. While helping them you can please your eyes with the beauty of Balinese underwater scenery.

    Bali Sea Turtle Conservation

    Through this project, you can make a good effort for the sea turtle conservation as well as the marine.

    Bali Construction

    Help the locals to renovate and construct the vital buildings or any important spots in selected Balinese area.

    Location: 50-52 Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3QP, UK. 18100 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 850, Irvine, CA 92612 USA

    Contact Information:

    Phone: (44) 20-7613-2422 UK, (+1) 949-705-4592

    Email: [email protected]

  6. ELI Board

    Volunteers in Bali; ELI Board
    ELI Board by @eli.abroad

    Experimental Learning International (ELI) Board firstly run their project in 2001, and since then they have done various projects. One of their volunteering destinations is Bali among 30 spots. They have various amusing programs for you to choose, which are:

    Children Volunteer Program

    You’ll get to teach the adorable kindergarten children with this program. Feel how exciting the children are when you give various educational activity and games.

    Education Volunteer Program

    As one of the tourism destinations in Indonesia, Bali has a big potential income from tourism section. In order to get it, locals need to improve their English skill. You can help them with this program and learn about their culture as well.

    Conservation Program

    You can choose either take the Environmental Awareness Conservation Program, or the Turtle Conservation Program. Both of them are beneficial to nature.

    Construction Program

    Through this program, you’ll help the local renovate and construct their houses or public facilities.

    Health Program

    For anyone who concerns on health issues, you can choose this program. Give the education about how important health is by giving a presentation in the elementary schools.

    Komodo Dragon Conservation Program

    If you want something different, then join this program. You’ll help the Komodo Dragon to protect them and their habitat as well.

    Dog Shelter Program

    There are lots of homeless dogs in Bali. So, through the program, you can help them out by taking care and finding a forever home for them.

    Contact Information: You can reach them on

  7. IFRE Volunteers


    Volunteers in Bali; IFRE Volunteers
    IFRE Volunteers by @ifrevolunteers

    Institute for Field Research Expeditions Volunteers offers 200 different programs and 19 countries for volunteers to choose. They have helped more than 20.000 volunteers to get their volunteer project since 2006. Let’s take a look for their programs in Bali;

    Bali Children/Day Care Center Volunteer Project

    Help the needed children in Bali through this program. You can enjoy the Balinese scenery as well through it.

    Bali English Teaching Volunteer Program

    Are you good in teaching? Then you can give an English lesson to the locals if you join this program.

    Bali Turtle Conservation Program

    Help the nature especially the sea turtle to get better care and habitat through this program. You’ll get the best ocean scenery as well if you join this program

    Bali Teaching Volunteer with the Sea Turtle Conservation

    If one project isn’t enough for you, you can take this project instead. Once you’ve done teaching English for the children, you can directly help the sea turtle!

    Special Programs (Volunteer + Travel)

    Spare some of your time to get the special programs. Besides helping the locals, you can unwind yourself with the travel activity to explore Bali. You can choose the Family Volunteering (1-12 weeks), Alternative Spring Break (1 week), High School Volunteering (1-4 weeks), or College/University Volunteering (1-4 weeks).

    Location: 3131 McKinney Avenue Suite 600 Dallas, Texas, 75204

    Contact Information:

    Toll-Free USA: 1-800-675-2504

    Overseas Line: 214-390-7947

    Fax: 214-390-3899

    Email: [email protected]

  8. Travellers Worldwide

    Volunteers in Bali; Travellers Worldwide
    Travellers Worldwide by @travellersworldwide

    If you’re looking for affordable volunteering programs, you can try the Travellers Worldwide. A husband and wife, Phil and Jennifer Perkes, established their volunteering organization in1994, and have helped many volunteers to get volunteering projects. Bali is one of the volunteering destinations that Travellers Worldwide has. Here are the volunteers in Bali programs that you can choose:

    Conservation Project

    The conservation program will be at Nusa Penida, and concern on sea turtle conservation and rehabilitation program. You’ll get to monitor the turtle nest, identify the turtle, even collect their eggs!

    Care/Teaching Project

    Help the kindergarten children improve their skill and creativity through this program. Encourage them with various interesting stories and games that will help them gain their confidence in the study.

    Teaching Project

    You can teach Balinese children about sports, games, and English in the school or Teaching Center. Play along with them and feel the warmness there.

    Location: Suite 2A, Caravelle House, 17/19 Goring Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN12 4AP, England

    Contact Information:

    Phone: +44 1903 502595

    Email: [email protected]

  9. Go Eco

    Volunteers in Bali; Go Eco
    Go Eco by @annabbrown

    Go Eco is the organization that you’re looking for to get eco-volunteer programs. With 150 countries, including Bali, as their volunteering destinations, you can get several interesting projects to make your holiday be more beneficial. For volunteers in Bali programs, Go Eco offers these programs for you to pick;

    Bali Sea Turtle Rescue

    As we know that Bali has great marine scenery. Along with the beauty of its underwater life, the sea creatures make the picture even better. Bali Sea Turtle Rescue is a program where you can learn more about marine life and treat the injured sea turtle. The bonus thing that you’ll get from this program will be an amazing Balinese underwater panorama!

    Education and Community Work in Bali

    Since Bali always attracts overseas tourists, locals need to improve their English skill as well. You can give a hand to them by teaching English. You’ll get to meet some cute Balinese children who’re highly motivated to learn something new. Besides teaching, volunteers are able to help the people to renovate the poor houses or facilities.

    Contact Information:

    Phone: +44 203 318 4004 (UK), +61 2 8014 9393 (AU), US +1 646 240 4545

    Or you can reach them on

  10. Friends for Asia

    Volunteers in Bali; Friends for Asia
    Friends for Asia by @wvfoundation

    Friends for Asia concerns giving supports for Asian countries. They have helped Indonesia (Bali), Nepal, Vietnam, and Thailand through their volunteering projects. Friends for Asia volunteers in Bali programs would be;

    Teaching English Volunteer Project

    This program will help the local children to learn English in an easy and fun way.

    Kindergarten Volunteer Project

    You’ll work with the children and play along with them. You’ll witness how enthusiast they are when you give fun games or activities.

    Children with Disabilities Volunteer Project

    Disabilities children might not confidence due to their physical disability. It’s time for you to give them support and care. Make them believe that different doesn’t mean they are outsiders. (Ty)

    Location: 63/3 Old Chang Moi Road, T. Chang Moi, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50300 Thailand

    Contact Information:

    Phone: +66 53 232 053

    Email: [email protected] is part of PT. Korina Prima Sinergi

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